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   Chapter 223 The Sudden Accident

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Cassandra stood at the side of the road, holding the phone in her hand and dumbfounded. She didn't know what had just happened.

She heard something loud. Where could it have come from?

Suddenly, she had a good guess on what had happened so she turned around and ran back to the Garden Villa immediately.

The wind blew across her face as she breathed heavily and quickened her pace.

Her heart was beating rapidly and she could only see darkness but she held on to the one person who was keeping her going.

It was Rufus! Rufus!

Rufus could feel his body aching all over when the terrible car accident happened. But nothing could compare to the ache his heart was nursing.


Rufus murmured the little woman's name. A glimpse of a familiar figure was suddenly running towards him.

Was it Cassandra? Or an illusion?

Rufus couldn't tell who the figure was because he couldn't even open his eyes. Before he knew it, he had already fainted.

Cassandra saw Rufus's Range Rover crash into a wall from a distance—the front of the car looked quite damaged.

Her chest tightened at what she'd seen; her heart began to beat so fast that she felt it would jump out of her chest anytime soon.

She ran and ran until she'd closed the distance between them.

When she arrived at the car, she saw Rufus slumping over the wheel. His legs were stuck inside the car and he looked terrible. It was hard to digest the entire scene.

Cassandra felt as if someone had grabbed her heart and crushed it—she couldn't breathe.

She tried to ram the door open but it was locked and she couldn't break it from the outside.

She then tried to smack the window hoping that Rufus would wake up to the noise but he didn't even flinch. He wasn't moving at all. Did he just faint or was he...dead already?

Cassandra was crying and shrieking, "Rufus, wake up! Don't leave me! Rufus!"

What Rufus had said before came true.

He said the only way he'd let Cassandra leave him was if he died.

'I won't leave you anymore, Rufus! Don't do this, Rufus! Wake up!' Cassandra shouted in her heart.

She quickly made a call then continued to look for a way to break inside the car. However, they were in a deserted area and no one was even passing by. She started to get desperate.

Suddenly, an idea came to her. She dialed Rufus's number and hoped that the ringing would wake him up.

It didn't work. Rufus just lay there, unmoving.

"Rufus, wake up! Please! You're scaring me!"

Cassandra shrieked through tears as she tried futilely open the car. She was starting to get worried as Rufus had already stayed in an oxygen-deprived space for too long and his legs had been stuck for a while now too.

She came up with anothe

aved a big sigh of relief and was grateful that Rufus was alive.

Just in time, the ambulance arrived. All the medical staff hurried to Rufus with a stretcher in hand.

"Excuse us, please,"

the staff said to Cassandra as they rolled Rufus onto the stretcher.

He wanted so bad to speak to Cassandra but his body was still in so much pain that he was unable to even make a sound. The only thing he could do was look at Cassandra and he did—he never removed his gaze, not even for a second.

Normally, Cassandra disliked the ambulance siren. It was sharp and it wasn't calming at all. But this time, when she heard the ambulance, it sounded like music to her. This was what was going to save Rufus. They were going to make sure he was okay.

"How's he doing? Is he seriously hurt?"

Cassandra stayed with Rufus even inside the ambulance. He was being given oxygen through a mask and his heartbeat was being monitored by the ECG machine. During the whole time, Rufus was just staring at her, not making a single sound.

"We'll know when we get to the hospital but his legs are probably broken,"

a paramedic said, frowning. He was busy studying the images on his medical device.

Cassandra reached out and held one of Rufus's hands which were normally warm. But in this instance, it was ice cold.

She gazed back into his eyes, biting her lower lip.

"Please contact his family right away. We have to do surgery on him and they're the only ones who can authorize that."

Upon hearing that, she grabbed Rufus's phone because she didn't have any contact with the Tang family anymore—she'd deleted their numbers a long time ago.

Unlocking his phone, she went straight to the contacts list. There was a 'family' tag in his contacts and there were only three people on it:

Jasper, Michelle, and Cassandra.

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