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   Chapter 221 The Altercation

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Rufus's brows knitted together as a light smile played on his lips—he found this whole thing with Horace hilarious.

"While I respect your opinion, I'm going go with what I think is right. Facts are facts. Cassandra and I are in a relationship and you can't change that,"

Rufus said in a firm tone—he didn't care that Horace was fuming.

"Rufus, you have so many women to choose from, even better women, Amanda, for example..."

Horace tried to speak in a soft tone but Rufus interrupted him.

"Amanda doesn't stand a chance. The only woman I love is Cassandra!"

Rufus purposely sounded final and resolute but Horace was persistent.

"Rufus! You should know your place as she should! You're too good for Cassandra! She's not good enough and you know it! She's not good enough to be part of the Tang family!"

Horace bellowed.

"Didn't she suffer in the first place because of the Tang family? She was forced to marry into the family for money then she was shoved aside after the divorce. How dare you tell me she's not good enough! What do you know? I don't care what anyone else thinks because I know who she is. I know her better than anyone. The Tang family may have kicked her aside but she's way better than a certain group of people who act all high and mighty on the outside but are actually the dirtiest people I know!"

'No one in the entire Tang family can say that they're better than Cassandra.

Horace abandoned his wife and son—he deserved to be hated.

Jill is a bored housewife who does nothing but badmouth her so-called friends within her social circle.

Lionel is just waiting for the chance to rise to power in the Tang group so he can squander the family business.

And Ivy, well...' his thought trailed off.

Something flickered in his eyes when he thought of Ivy. 'I'll make her pay eventually for framing Cassandra. But as for now, I need her for my plan.'

The Tang family might seem perfect on the outside but in reality, it had been already rotting from the inside.

The Tang family's throne was atop a hill—just one push would make their kingdom come crashing down.

"You… Are you insulting me?"

Horace angrily pointed a finger at Rufus.

This was the last thing he expected of Rufus—he was never one to disrespect him like that.

"I didn't name names. You came up with that one all on your own," Rufus said simply.

It didn't take long before people started hearing Rufus and Horace going at it with one another. Jill tried to intervene but she looked frightened at the sight of her husband being angry.

"Horace, calm down. Getting angry isn't good for you. You're supposed to be recovering,"

she spoke as she glided towards Horace to assist him in his breathing.

Lionel and Ivy had heard the fighting as well and came out to check what was

tely. First, Arthur was very talented so there was no surprise about that. Second, they received some large investments from the TY Group. And lastly, it was the Tang family's own doing—they gave Arthur an opening in the market.

Arthur was not only the CEO of his company but also their best architect. His work could actually compete with Cassandra's in bidding wars.

When Cassandra was still around, Arthur would never be able to beat her. One could say that Cassandra held Arthur back simply by being better than him.

However, part of the divorce agreement was that Cassandra quit designing. She was legally forbidden to sign her name under any design. Since then, the Tang Group hadn't churned designs as good as before. Bidding war after bidding war, they kept losing to the Dawn Star Group. With their rise came the Tang Group's subsequent fall.

A person's heart could be likened to a kite—when a kite's string broke, it flew higher. The same was true for the heart.

This was also true for Arthur's career—he'd become so successful that he didn't even bother hiding the fact that he blatantly stole clients from the Tang Group. The string that was holding Arthur's career back was none other than Cassandra.

Meanwhile, the Tang family was still disillusioned that they were still number one. Rufus thought they were all naive and foolish.

"Give the position to me. I'll be the CEO. I'll manage the company,"

Lionel piped in out of nowhere—he'd been watching the whole thing from upstairs. When he heard Rufus mention the CEO position, his eyes lit up. 'This is my chance!' he thought to himself. 'I can't believe Rufus is quitting! I've got to take this chance!'

"I'm confident that I can make things better," he promised.

Rufus sneered at Lionel's unwarranted confidence. He raised his head to look at Lionel and his eyes were sharp as knives.

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