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   Chapter 220 Rufus, We'd Better Break Up!

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'Tastes good? Must've been Amanda who said it.

Amanda bought this bread for him, but he turned around and gave it to me? It's ridiculous how he thinks I know nothing about this.

Rufus, you must be wallowing in satisfaction right now as two women pine for you at the same time.

What exactly am I to you?' she thought to herself.

Her trust in him was already at the brink of collapse, but because of this, it had fallen rock bottom. 'Is there any good reason, any reason at all to stay in a relationship with a man who uses what his other lover gave him to flatter me?' she wondered, apparently in a daze.

"Rufus, we're bearking up!"

Cassandra wrestled with herself before blurting it out, hear tears like torrents streaming down her cheeks.

"What's wrong with you, again?"

Rufus's smile was gone like the wind and was replaced with a look of concern when he saw her tears. A wave of panic engulfed him.

'Why is she crying? Is it because of my tardy return?

But no matter how upset she is, she has no right to break up with me because of that small slight, ' he thought and got kind of crossed.

"I remember saying that to you before, are you just using that to get back at me?"

Rufus asked, knitting his eyebrows and studying her expression, grasping for some sort of clue that would give away her true intentions.

Cassandra only shook her head, unable to say anything.

"Tell me what happened, Cassandra. Please, please talk to me,"

Rufus pleaded. He took Cassandra's arm and held it tightly. She was wracked with sobs.

His stomach did a one-eighty. He was so physically close to her, yet their hearts and feelings were so far away from each other.

He silently wished that she would stop being so stubborn and be gentle like other women. He just couldn't bear seeing her in tears.

"I don't love you anymore. We're done,"

Cassandra cried out desperately and in one swift motion, pulled her arm out of Rufus's grip.

Once upon a time she had always imagined that she would live a happy and peaceful family life with Rufus.

But the recent events had only reminded her that she was never good enough for him. They weren't fated to be with each other.


Rufus hissed with a snarl. He refused to believe what he had just heard. What he believed were her bitter tears, which betrayed her true feelings—she was still deeply in love with him.

"I'll be here for you as soon as I get off work tomorrow onwards, okay?" Don't say things like that!"

Rufus tried comforting Cassandra, to no avail.

"No..." Cassandra shook her head slowly as she closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks, "it's impossible for us to be together. I mean it, Rufus. I really don't love you anymore. I can't con

Rufus rebuffed in an indifferent tone. He thought she was being too petty.

With that said, he turned around and quickly left, his face a mask of sorrow.

Cassandra slowly got to her feet and looked at the peephole. She made sure that Rufus had left before she weakly opened the door.

There was a paper bag at the foot of the door, containing the bread Rufus tried to give her.

She took the content out of the bag. It was her favorite kind, with the dried pork floss. Ironically, their tastes really matched.

Her lips curled into a wry smile. She took the bag, went to the kitchen and tossed it into the trash. She wouldn't eat a gift another woman had given Rufus.

Meanwhile, Rufus arrived at the Tang Family home. He was about to head upstairs when the light went on in the living room. He saw Horace approaching in his nightgown.

"Where have you been? Look at the time!"

Horace said with a frown. It had been days since Rufus had dinner with the family.

"I have been busy,"

Rufus uttered briefly and continued to the stairs.

"I will never consent to you two being together!"

Horace blurted out. Unsatisfaction seethed in his voice.

"I am an adult. It is my right to choose anyone I like,"

Rufus said as he paused without turning around.

'What? How come he's saying the same words he has said to Lionel? Does he really believe I'll follow his commands to the letter?' Rufus sneered inwardly.

Horace had never felt the weight of responsbility that a father shouldered. For Rufus, he wasn't worthy of it. All that Rufus did for him was no more than what he needed to accomplish his revenge.

He could destroy the Tangs at any moment of his choosing.

"I am your father, your elder! How dare you disrespect me at my own house?"

Horace roared, outraged by Rufus's unexpected defiance.

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