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   Chapter 219 A Heartbreaking Scene (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Changdu Characters: 5521

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'Well, forget about it. Amanda is sick now. Rufus takes care of her as a friend. That's all.'

Moments later, she braced herself up and decided to stop thinking about them.

She felt bored staying at home alone. So she decided to go out and took a walk. When she passed a bakery, an inviting delicious scent of bread and pastries diffused out from it. Cassandra couldn't resist the smell and walked in, intending to pick up some pieces of bread.

While she was inside the bakery and her head low while choosing among the variety of bread, the door opened. A woman came in, then she said happily, "Come here, Rufus. The bread here is super good. I want to buy some!"

Through the bread shelves, Cassandra saw Amanda walking into the bakery. She was stunned at the sight of her.

Her body was held frozen while her brain started to work quickly. Immediately, she turned around and hid in a forgotten corner.

Rufus walked in with an uninterested expression on his face.

He had planned to leave after paying a visit to Amanda. But unexpectedly, Amanda changed her clothes secretly and claimed that she wanted to go out to have a walk. Rufus was unable to make her change her mind. So he had to go out and keep her accompany.

But in his heart, he was still thinking about Cassandra. She was alone in the apartment and she must feel lonely. All Rufus wanted was that Amanda would finish buying the bread quickly so that he would send her back to the hospital and go back to Cassandra.

He stood beside the cashier counter and didn't step inside further. The waitress's face turned red and her heart beat fast when Rufus leaned against the co


'Cassandra, stop being a fool anymore. He doesn't belong to you and he does not care for you, ' Cassandra talked to herself.

She was still alone when she was back. Cassandra took a shower like a puppet and then put herself to bed. However, no matter how she tried to fall asleep, it didn't work anyway.

Tossing and turning on her bed, she couldn't help wondering what Amanda and Rufus would do when they were staying together at night.

The feelings of mixed emotions inside her left a hollow inside her heart. She was confused about whether to trust Rufus again or not. Moreover, a million thoughts were running on her mind.

Suddenly, the bell rang. Cassandra was distracted by the ring. She walked to the door and opened it.

With a paper bag in his hand, Rufus was beaming while standing at the door. He raised the bag to Cassandra and shook it.

"I brought you this bread. I heard it tastes good,"

Rufus said to her happily. However, in Cassandra's eyes, his smiling face was so unpleasant.

Tears rolled down from her eyes all of a sudden without any sign in advance.

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