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   Chapter 218 A Heartbreaking Scene (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6015

Updated: 2019-05-31 00:16

Rufus crouched on the sofa the whole night. Early the next morning, he bathed his face with cold water and then was ready to head for the company. He was surprised, however, when he turned around to leave. Amanda got up from her bed and stood at the door of the restroom.

"Are you leaving, Rufus?"

pretending to be so meek and innocent, Amanda asked Rufus, her beautiful eyes looking at him and her lips puckering slightly.

"I'm going to work,"

Rufus wiped the water dry on his face and answered briefly.

"Will you come back here and accompany me after work? Please!"

With frowned eyebrows and expectant eyes, Amanda crossed her fingers and put her hands by the chest, praying.

Hesitant for a while, Rufus finally nodded to agree.

Seeing his gesture of showing agreement, Amanda smiled immediately. Her face was like flowers blossoming in the live spring, beautiful and sweet.

Unexpectedly, she tiptoed to leave a soft kiss on Rufus's face and then turned around, ran to her bed, and covered her whole body with the quilt shyly.

Astonished, Rufus was stunned by her act. He remembered that this happened once in the past.

They were still young back at that time when Rufus was trained in the Dark Night Group. One day when Amanda was sick and stayed at home, Rufus went to her room to pay her a visit. He sat beside the bed and chatted with her.

Similarly, Amanda kissed him so unexpectedly and then covered herself with the quilt. He was annoyed because she 'attacked' him unexpectedly, yet amused by her cute behavior.

In his mind, Rufus could still remember how Amanda was like that time. However, everything changed. Now, she was no longer the innocent girl and he didn't love her anymore. Rufus sighed with a heavy heart. He shook his head to stop himself fro


"Will you come here for dinner tonight? I'll make you some fish soup."

After the message was delivered, Cassandra waited anxiously. She was uncertain what Rufus would reply.

To her surprise, the reply came in an instant. Her phone vibrated. Cassandra unlocked the screen to check the message at once.

"In the hospital. Have dinner yourself."

Depressed upon reading this message from Rufus, Cassandra heaved a desolate sigh.

She rarely offered to invite him to come and had believed that he would accept her offer. However, his reply was out of her expectation.

'To the hospital? Would he stay with Amanda again?'

Questions lingered on Cassandra's thoughts silently. She couldn't understand why Amanda would stay in the hospital for such a long time. Yes, she fainted away and needed to be looked after. But this long? That was just unbelievable that she didn't recover after spending so many days in the hospital. Rufus was keeping her accompany day and night. Obviously, he was taking care of her like what a boyfriend would do to his girlfriend. But why didn't Rufus explained things to her? He was supposed to enlighten her why he preferred to stay with Amanda than her.

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