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   Chapter 217 Clark Ji (Part Two)

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This was all the more reason why it was uncanny how they had failed to find who their rival was this time. What kind of enemy could hide itself so carefully?

Charlie strode back and forth in his office with his hands clasped behind his back. His frame gave off an oppressive air to people around him.

Then, his head shot up, and everyone held their breath at the movement. "Did you ever contact Clark?"

He suddenly asked his assistant, his eyebrows knitted in question.

"Mr. Ke, Mr. Ji has been out for quite some time now, and we couldn't contact him,"

The assistant replied carefully, his voice trembling as he watched Charlie's face warily, searching for signs of another outburst.

"This is ridiculous!" Charlie roared. "His father had entrusted the group to him, but where is he now when he is needed?"

Charlie cast a stern glance at his assistant, his frustration boiling inside him. The son of the former president fell a long way off from his expectations.

When his father passed away, Clark was next in line to his father's position. He was supposed to handle everything in the group, but he failed to act like a proper owner. This young man had never taken his job seriously, and he was nowhere to be found when something happened, not to mention being dependable enough to solve problems. Charlie was the second in command and had to clean up after his mess, taking charge of everything, bustling to and fro and bearing all hardships without any complaint.

Had Clark not been the son of the former president, he would have been thrown out long ago.

"Mr. Ke, I found something the other day. I've been wondering whether I should tell you…"

the assistant spoke in a measured voice, looking at Charlie with hesitation. From his face, Charlie had a foreboding sense that things were about to get worse.

"Hurry up!" he snapped, losing his patience. "If you feel that it's necessary, tell me now; if it's something you can take care of, then don't bother. Do I always have to do the work?"

Charlie stared at him. Yet another disappointment. His assistant had no conviction o

ion. It would take quite a while before everything settled, and only then could they work to fix the problems that they were facing.

In his heart, Charlie never saw Clark as his boss. He was far too unqualified, but he supported him all these years in respect to the memory of his late father. A promise was a promise. On his deathbed, the late president asked him, to take care of his son, and so he did.

However, this and that were different matters. He would not take Clark's side or show any mercy if he deliberately broke the rules.

Charlie had always believed that Rufus was more suitable than Clark to take the helm of the group.

He was far better than Clark, in mind and in action; if Rufus was willing to step forward to the task, Charlie had no doubt that most of the executives would give him their favor.

Charlie had watched as Rufus built his own empire. It was the greatest success they had seen since the establishment of Dark Night Group. The young man had ambition, drive, and purpose—things that Clark had none of. Lost in his thoughts, Charlie wondered if Rufus would accept to handle this trouble.

He had just one flaw: he was bent on destroying his own father, and he was clinging to that hatred and using it as fuel.

One day, this loathing would burn him. At this thought, Charlie couldn't help but heave one deep sigh after another. There was much work to be done.

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