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   Chapter 216 Clark Ji (Part One)

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Cassandra held her breath against the invisible hands that gripped at her heart.

Love was a trap. At one second, warmth would fill her and send her feet floating off the ground; the next moment, it would send her crumbling as if knives were cutting through her heartstrings. Rufus enveloped her with joy such as that she had never known before, and he came in her life at a time when she least expected it. Despite this, she was not allowed that. Just as he came, he was free to come and go whenever he pleased, and certainty was something that did not exist between them. At times, she felt like a ship without an anchor, forever drifting in the waves of her emotions.

At this moment, the waters of Cassandra's mind were filled with nothing but turbulence. Rufus said, time and again, that he loved her and that she occupied his heart. Why were his eyes following another woman then? Cassandra thought long and hard, but the silence of her thoughts offered no answers.

The red roses that Rufus brought were blossoming, their petals moist with water. To Cassandra, the trembling dewdrops looked like tears under the faint lamplight.

Rufus slammed on the gas and drove as fast as he could to the hospital, heading straight to Amanda's ward.

Her lone figure appeared to him as he opened the door. She was sitting immobile at the edge of her bed, her face emotionless.

The sound of the door pulled her attention and she turned her head to him.

"Thank you for coming, Rufus!" she said, forcing a smile on her lips.

It was a strange expression to see in her face. Gone was the light of the proud pianist he had always known her to be. Despite the curve of her lips, she looked so sad.

"What did the doctor say?" Rufus asked immediately.

He heard earlier that she was sent to the hospital from loss of oxygen, but something nagged at him. He wanted to be sure.

Amanda looked down at her hands as they lay folded across her lap. "The doctor suspected that I might get the Becket's disease," she murmured, speaking in a hushed voice.

He almost failed to hear the slight tremble in her words.


d been attacked or framed by competitors. Issues and scandals were nothing new to them, but this time was different. It was a full-scale invasion, and the enemy had been constantly on the offensive.

They were quickly taking over the market, and most moderate-sized companies took the brunt of the blow. Charlie had to watch them fall one after another, like perfectly arranged dominoes.

The strangest thing was that they had no idea who they were up against. He had already sent his men to investigate and gather intel, but nothing came of it. At surface level, it seemed like it was nothing but a horizontal competition, but Charlie knew better. The truth was much more complicated, and this was only the tip of the iceberg.

The Dark Night Group had been standing strong for many years and had cultivated countless talents. With the support of the powerful group, all members shot up to success rapidly. The group gave them a solid starting point, and the members gave a considerably firm foothold to the group. Day after day, and year after year, the Dark Night Group grew in success and influence, and almost dominated the whole financial market as of today.

With this success came competition. The higher they went, the fiercer it got. It was inevitable that outsiders stopped at nothing to try to destroy them, but with their strength and resources, the group remained firmly standing its ground.

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