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   Chapter 215 You Are Only Mine

The Enchanted Night By Changdu Characters: 10591

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As Rufus drew closer to her, Cassandra's heartbeat began to race.

"What...d-do you that?" she asked, stuttering a little.

The air was filled with an impending doom. Cassandra could feel perspiration forming on her forehead.

Watching her uneasiness, a sinister smile crept up on Rufus's lips. If someone witnessed him in this expression, he or she would have believed he was a Satan from the hell.

"Since you've doubted my good intention, I think it's time for me to show you my atrocious side."

His malicious smile conveyed that he was about to lure her soul out. His eyes reeked with cruelty which Cassandra had never seen before.

Suddenly, Rufus flung the bouquet of roses disdainfully aside. Without any second thought, he callously stomped on the flowers lying on the ground. His brutal contact led the flowers and the stems to break apart. White fluid oozed out of it. To Cassandra, it seemed akin to a sacrificial offering.

"Rufus, just stop!" she groaned.

Her body started to quiver. In such a tiny apartment, she knew she didn't have a place to hide.

Wrath was roaring from his heart while fire was gleaming in his eyes. If this fire were real, it could have burnt down the whole place in a matter of seconds.

Cassandra winced each time she looked into his eyes. Haltingly, she began to retreat. If he were his normal self, he would certainly have felt sorry for his love.

But today, he was engulfed by immense jealousy which, as a consequence, blinded his eyes. Rufus was oblivious to the fear on Cassandra's face.

When she realized he was getting closer, Cassandra began throwing random things at him. She hauled whatever that was within her reach—pillow, alarm clock, as well as other miscellaneous items in the living room. However, Rufus dexterously dodged her attack. His strong body continued to advance towards her.

"You…Stop! If you don't then I'll call...the police!" Cassandra spat out her feeble warning.

It wasn't just her body, even her voice was trembling. She dashed behind the couch to escape from the man's hunt. It was as if they were playing the game of The Eagle Catches the Chickens.' The eyes of the eagle turned sharp and grim. Watching her futile attempts at escape, Rufus became even more determined. While the chicken, Cassandra, was quivering in horror.

"You want to call the police? Go ahead and do it. Do you need my help? Shall I call the head of the police station as well?" Rufus offered sarcastically.

He was nonchalant to her threats. Any attempts to resist him would do her no good. If anything, it would only ignite the fire on him which was already roaring.

Terrified, Cassandra was prepared to dial the police using her trembling fingers. Seeing her boldness, a sharp light flashed across his eyes. Before she realized it, he lurched forward and grabbed the phone from her hands. As she was registering the situation, he hurled it away.

Cassandra was horrified. 'Just a moment ago, he was at the other side of the sofa. How did he manage to reach here in a blink of an eye?

He is so agile! There is no way I can escape him!' Cassandra thought with misery.


ings clear to Cassandra in the very beginning, they could have saved a lot of problems. The presence of Amanda seemed to have a great impact on their relationship. 'I really need to discuss about this with Cassandra, ' he thought with determination.

He peeked at the phone once again and realized Amanda hadn't given up. She was still calling, nonstop. A little annoyed with her persistence, Rufus decided switching the phone off would put it to a full stop.

Just when he was about to push the switch off button, a message popped on his screen.

It stated, "Rufus, would it be possible for you to come to the hospital? I am diagnosed with a rare disease. And I want to see you."

The message was short, but it was enough to send shocks through his body.

'A rare disease? What could this rare disease be?' he wondered in bewilderment.

Even though he had no feelings for Amanda, he still didn't wish her ill. In fact, he wanted her to live a happy life. Knowing that something was wrong with her right now, he didn't have the heart to leave her alone.

He glanced at Cassandra who seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Taking a deep breath, he straightened his clothes and walked out of the room.

As soon as the door shut, Cassandra opened her eyes. She sat up on the bed and stared blankly at the door in front of her.

She had dozed off for a few minutes, but the second Rufus left the room, she woke up. After this, she found it hard to go back to sleep. The sound of him tidying up the roses brought a smile on her face.

Rufus returned a while later; she could tell even with closed eyes that he had brought in the roses by the flagrance of the flowers.

Just when she thought everything was going to be alright, he left her. She had heard it all—the constant phone call and the sound of the message.

Her hope faded and all she could feel was the sound of her heart sinking.

'Rufus, how can I trust you? Every time I put my faith in you, you give me a reason to distrust you. A call from another woman is enough for you to abandon me, over and over again, ' her mind howled in fury.

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