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   Chapter 214 Dote On You Too Much (Part Two)

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He couldn't help giving her advice, feeling as though he could be a couples counsellor. He sounded quite good at it.

"Give in? Why do I have to give in? I didn't do anything wrong. I haven't been bossy or controlling. I would like a normal relationship for once. I don't think I'm being unreasonable."

Cassandra couldn't understand. It was Rufus who hurt her by swaying between her and Amanda. He would express his love for her but in the next moment, turn to another woman in a hospital. He stayed with Amanda the entire night, leaving her alone. As the situation didn't change, her heart hardened.

He wanted to possess her and wouldn't let her go. He refused to understand why she made the heartbreaking decision, saying she was unreasonable. He couldn't see his blame in all of this and wouldn't begg her to stay and try again.

Seeing the stern look Cassandra gave him, Dylon let out a deep sigh.

'Well, that's normal for people in a relationship. They always blame the other half when there are conflicts, saying they are innocent. No one likes to be blamed. Anyway, they might just get back together after a few weeks, ' Dylon thought.

"You brought beer as well?" Cassandra squealed.

She took out several cans of beer from the bag with an excited smile.

"No, you're not drinking It's not for you. I'll drink it myself!"

Dylon hurried to stop Cassandra. He still remembered what happened at the bar last time. Cassandra overindulged. That scene was still too fresh in his memory to forget. Rufus had to fetch and carry her out as she was completely intoxicated.

"You are extremely sensitive about a little mishap," Cassandra complained.

She didn't resist as there was a lot of variety in the parcels and took the grilled meat from the other food box instead.

Dylon smiled in reli

had an apartment here as well. Nevertheless, he convinced himself that it was a coincidence.

However, there was no way he could convince himself the moment the door opened. He had brought her so many roses, only to find the little couple having barbecue and watching TV together. How could he be so stupid, thinking she longed for him as he did for her? He wanted to have her back and love and spoil her. Now he was betrayed and his heart felt ripped out.

Cassandra sensed the discontent in his voice, and the excitement of seeing him instantly disappeared.

Waiting for the bomb to explode, she looked at Rufus fearfully.

'Dylon is obviously not my boyfriend. Doesn't' he know that? The three of us spent quite some time in A City together with the relief work. If there was something between Dylon and I he would have picked it up then, ' Cassandra thought.

"Rufus, you are the most small-minded man that I have ever seen!"

Cassandra blurted out with her face red, but now it was because of anger.


Rufus repeated as he walked slowly towards Cassandra. Looking down at her, he had his cold eyes fixed on her.

"Cassandra, it seems that I have doted on you too much."

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