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   Chapter 213 Dote On You Too Much (Part One)

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Cassandra dashed to open the door, excited to hear a familiar voice.

Finally, he was back. Dylon had returned after the disaster relief mission, looking a lot leaner and darker than before. He must have endured great difficulties.

"I've brought you food. Want some?" asked Dylon.

His hands were loaded with parcels, like a pack horse carrying essentials for a team up Mount Everest. A bright smile was drawn on his face, as he motioned by raising his hands high.

"Sure, I would love to! This is such a wonderful surprise and you come bearing gifts. How good to see you, dear friend! You are so thoughtful. I haven't had dinner yet."

Cassandra was so delighted to see Dylon safe. Hurriedly, she gestured Dylon to come in. She felt so emotional at seeing him that her eyes welled up.

Dylon had arranged a room for her in this apartment building, below his, so that she didn't need to stay at hotels, which would have been expensive and inconvenient.

"When did you get back?"

Cassandra jovially asked, as she began opening packages. The grilled corn captured her attention, making her mouth water. Quickly, she bit into it. "Oh wow, this is so delicious!" Cassandra stated as juice dribbled down the corner of her mouth.

"I just got back this morning. I took a shower and had lunch with my parents. Then I immediately came to you. That's what good friends should do, right?"

He beamed as he spoke to Cassandra in a cheerful tone, but the fatigue in his eyes was too much to hide.

"You should have had a good rest at home first. I'm so honored to have you here," Cassandra said jokingly.

She was so excited seeing Dylon again; her face formed a fixed smile.

"You did a lot for the rescue

is values, he was a man. Should she say that Rufus had left her several times, to run after Amanda? The slightest thing, Amanda would phone for. He felt obliged to help her and would never turn her down. But as for her, he never gave any explainations of what and why he did anything. To avoid all that discussion maybe she should say their relationship was not as stable as it seemed.

As confused as she was, Cassandra didn't want others to worry about her. If she had constantly been burdening her friends, she wouldn't have any left.

"It's no big deal. Rufus and I are both adults. We know what we are doing. It would be best if we can be hand in hand till the end. But even if we can't make it, we won't blame each other," stated Cassandra.

She sneezed hard, then rubbed her eyes to try to hold back her tears. She didn't' want Dylon to see her emotionally weak side.

What she didn't know was, the more she tried to hide her emotions, the more Dylon felt sorry for her.

"Cassandra, sometimes you are just too stubborn. It may be better for you to give in sometimes and allow him to lead and look after you," suggested Dylon.

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