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   Chapter 212 The Hidden Enemies (Part Two)

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For a while, he just stood there, shaking his head, contemplatively.

"Oh, by the way, do you remember the wife of Mr. Gary Zheng? Whitney?"

Jasper asked after a pause, suddenly remembering.

"Of course. She's one of our VIPs, and has put most of her assets under our management.

Why do you ask?"

Rufus raised an eyebrow, wondering why Jasper had mentioned her out of the blue.

He also thought about how Cassandra wouldn't be able to take control of the Qin Group if Whitney didn't offer her equity shares.

"I heard she's coming back to develop her career here, and has transferred large amount of funds to her domestic capital account recently. I think she's preparing for a big move soon,"

explained Jasper, looking down at the floor, lost in thought.

"Isn't it normal for our customers to transfer funds from one account to another? What's so strange about it?"

Rufus asked, doubtfully, bringing a pen to his lips. He couldn't place exactly why Jasper was worried or would even bring it up.

"Well...the thing is, she once mentioned to her subordinates she might bring her daughter here to G City as a permanent resident,"

Jasper said, shaking his head in bewilderment, getting to the point.

"And alternately, I remember her saying she had no intention of coming back here and that her daughter liked living abroad. Don't you think there's a catch here? Why would she suddenly change her mind?

Something doesn't feel right to me."

Jasper went on. He was totally intrigued by this news, and didn't realize that he sounded very gossipy now. However, Rufus found it unnecessary. He stood up, walked to him and patted him on the shoulder.

"You know what? It's a pity you didn't choose to become some kind of entertainment-reporter,"

Rufus joked, feeling torn between laughing and weeping. To tell the truth, he had somehow guessed what was on Whitney's mind.

Originally, she'd chosen to settle in Norway for the sake of her daughter's illness, such that they would have a positive change in their li

hings were going. But she restrained herself, thinking of how bluntly he had said 'Let's break up, ' right to her face.

She kept asking herself, 'Is it true that I've been dumped by Rufus?'

It was a reality she found too hard to accept.

The unicorn still seemed to stare at her with tender eyes, just as Rufus once did.

Her brain flooded with memories every now and then, no matter how hard she tried to distract herself. His face, his laughter, the time they had spent together—everything flashed through her mind in an instant.

She thought of how wicked he could be sometimes, his anger in between the long stretches of calmness, his tenderness for her. Everything had become a thing of the past.

Ever since she had encountered him in her life, part of him had attached itself to her, a part that eventually became love, admiration and respect, which was something she found extremely hard to get over now.

Everything felt so...strange and uncomfortable without him.

Here she was sitting at the edge of the bed again, looking blankly at her unicorn toy, thinking of the good old days when her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the ringing doorbell.

Snapping to her senses, Cassandra walked out to the living area.

"Who is it?" she asked, involuntarily.

"It's me,"

a very familiar male voice answered from behind the door.

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