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   Chapter 211 The Hidden Enemies (Part One)

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"Why not pay more attention to the company's affairs instead of her?"

Rufus asked, grumpily. Cassandra's very name hit his sensitive nerve. His tone became aggressive as soon as Jasper mentioned her.

"Why? Is it true that your relationship has some problems?"

Jasper leaned forward, his eyes widening. He was amused to see Rufus act so out of his regular cold and calm way.

"What do you mean by 'some problems'? What have you heard?"

Rufus wanted to end this conversation right away but thought it was wise to face it, sooner or later these questions were bound to come up. Plus, he was aware Jasper had his tongue in his cheek.

"Isn't it all over the news? People are saying someone has stepped out and claimed he is dating Cassandra now and it is her who stole Lyndsy's boyfriend. Haven't you read about it? It's all over the internet!"

Jasper said in surprise. He had assumed Rufus might already have heard about it.

"No. I never pay attention to this kind of gossip,"

Rufus answered flatly, his eye brows knitting. Yet, he was surprised by whatever Jasper had just said.

"You know the man. That guy we met at the private club the other day? A Mr. Tong, does it ring a bell? He made an announcement to a big crowd of reporters that Cassandra is his girlfriend!"

Jasper explained hurriedly, while checking his phone for the article. He found it pretty easily and presented it to Rufus. Rufus's face turned cold just after casting a single glance at it.

After reading it, he remembered how Cassandra clung to Dylon's arm intimately and how closely they sat together at the club.

Then there was Cassandra staying in that man's apartment later the night. What was more, she was even with him in A City for the rescue operation after the earthquake.

"You see? I don't understand why your aunt likes her so much. The more I find out about Cassandra, the more convinced I am of her being a loose and easy woman," Jasper said, disgustingly.

"How could she ha


Jasper asked, looking at Rufus worriedly, hoping that he would come up with a way to solve the problem.

"We will meet changes with constancy," Rufus responded calmly. "Maintain the status quo and maintain the profits as they are.

Otherwise, we may fall into the trap they have set and mess things up ourselves."

Despite the urgency of the matter, Rufus managed to speak with rationale and make dispassionate, meaningful judgements, with his signature look-of-composure back into play.

" know, many of our peers have followed their ways in the past..."

Jasper hesitated and looked up at Rufus, evidently embarrassed.

He knew it wouldn't be a problem for the TY Group even if they would lose some customers in this price war, but he still found it hard to swallow that doing nothing proactively would be a good idea. How could they just grin and bear it?

"Don't worry and just do as I say. I will find out who is behind these attacks as soon as possible,"

Rufus interrupted him and raised his hand to stop him from continuing.

Jasper just shook his head, saying nothing in return.

He realized that dropping the matter was all he could do right now. Thanks to his own self, Rufus wasn't in a great mood. Now that he had made up his mind, any argument further would only irritate him.

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