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   Chapter 210 The Secret Investor (Part Three)

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Jasper simply answered, handing him a few documents. He gave Rufus ample time to go over the documents while he started explaining.

"The groups under our company were always losing at biddings. I found it pretty strange. So I asked some people to look into it. Guess what I have found out?"

Jasper said with a serious look on his face, wearing a deep frown. Obviously, he found the situation so annoying and was also worried about their company's status.

"Our competitors won the bids by the base bid price?"

Rufus said, after going over the documents. He was good at his job, and of course, it was easy for him to find out what was wrong with those bids.

If it only happened for one or two times, they could still consider this a coincidence. But the same situation happened for many of their projects. This was definitely unusual. There must be someone behind their back who had been sabotaging their business.

Jasper just nodded at his words. His eyebrows knitted into a tight frown.

"It's not just that. When I tried to find out who is behind all this, I just couldn't find a thing. There's no trace or shreds of evidence. And look at this…"

Jasper said while giving Rufus more documents. The frown on his face was getting tighter. He was really exasperated about this.

"Recently, our TY Securities also lost a number of good clients. They all went and invest in a newly opened securities company. According to them, the new company takes less money than us,"

Jasper said in a low whispered voice. The thought of the many clients they had lost to the new company made Jasper felt so discouraged.

"This will do no good to their company, and I am s

ufus and Jasper. He had too many ideas, and to be honest, they were not candid, actually not good at all. He just kept doing vicious things to get what he wanted.

"If he keeps being like this, I believe he will end up in prison just like Vernon sooner or later."

Something flashed through Rufus's eyes at the mention of Cassandra's father. It seemed that he should use Arthur as soon as possible. He was worried that Arthur would cause his own death soon and affect the big plan. He should take advantage of him and quickly get rid of him after that.

"To be honest, Vernon really had a stroke of bad luck. In this industry, nobody is 100 percent innocent and truthful. We all know this. Someone must have sold him out and successfully sent him to prison. Poor Cassandra, Not only does she have to pay a big amount of penalty for her father, but she also has to take over the Qin Group for him at such a young age,"

Jasper said in a pitiful tone while shaking his head. In front of him, Rufus breathed heavily. His heart dropped hearing what Jasper had said. He couldn't help but felt remorse for Cassandra.

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