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   Chapter 208 The Secret Investor (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5548

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Standing by the corner of the street, Cassandra fixed her gaze at the crossing from behind a bush.

She was hiding and waiting for someone. She hoped that Rufus would come and look for her. Patiently, she waited for him to call out her name. She was expecting to see him so anxious because of her. That was what she wanted, and the reason why she was hiding behind the bush. She was curious to see what Rufus would do.

Besides, she really wanted to hear Rufus say that he was sorry and that maybe they should talk about their relationship. Cassandra assumed that they just needed to talk things over and everything would turn out fine. She hoped that he could be honest and tell her what was happening between him and Amanda. She didn't like being left out by her own boyfriend for the sake of another woman. She just wanted to know everything.

When she finally caught sight of Rufus, her heart beat faster. She was nervous but excited at the same time.

Rufus was looking around for her. He looked very anxious and desperate, and there was a deep frown on his face. Undoubtedly, he was restless because he couldn't find Cassandra.

Seeing Rufus's behavior, the corners of Cassandra's lips lifted into a striking smile. She was contented to see that Rufus cared so deeply for her. She looked at Rufus with soft eyes while hiding behind the bush.

'Rufus, I knew you would come here to look for me. I knew that you would tell me the truth, ' she thought to herself, clearly very satisfied with his actions.

But right when she was about to walk out and show herself to Rufus, his phone rang. He picked up the call and talked for a few seconds. Then

rength and was prepared to move on with her life. She could be sad for a short moment, but she whould pick herself up soon.

"Good-bye, Rufus," she said with conviction.

"Miss, do you need a ride?"

A taxi drove over and pulled beside her. The driver rolled down the window and asked her if she needed a ride. In fact, he saw Cassandra from afar. She was standing by herself with big suitcases. He thought that she must need a ride right now. Luckily, he was right.

"Oh, yeah. Please help me with my suitcases. Thank you,"

Cassandra answered. She had already made up her mind as to where she would stay from now on. There was an apartment not far from the company that would be ideal for singles like her.

The driver helped her put the suitcases in the trunk and drove downtown.

Cassandra was directing the way to the apartment, but suddenly, the driver stopped his taxi in front of a hotel.

"Why did you stop here? What is wrong?"

Cassandra was confused. Was something wrong with the car? Did they run into something making the tires flat? Or the driver was waiting for someone?

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