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   Chapter 207 Let's Get Married

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Charlie avoided telling Amanda the ugly truth. She was his dear daughter. He would do anything to avoid hurting her. Rufus's plan was ruthless. As her father, it was his sole purpose to make sure Amanda was happy.

"Amanda, listen." Charlie stepped forward before continuing,"I don't think Horace is as kind and gentle as he makes out to be..."

Charlie let his mouth open, wanting to continue but could not find the words. Amanda was clever. She knew exactly what Charlie was trying to say.

She knew that Horace had his own agenda. Amanda had always been the more competitive daughter-in-law as compared to Cassandra. Her higher social standing and reputation could help the Tang family enlarge their network and access better resources. Horace was indeed a clever businessman. He took advantage of that fact.

"Father, you don't need to worry. Rufus will be the one living with me and I believe he'll protect me."

Amanda beamed at Charlie.

Charlie's hardended heart gradually softened. His daughter looked so innocent. He decided right there and then to withhold the truth.

If things got bad between Rufus and Horace, Charlie would spirit Amanda away from the Tang family altogether.

Meanwhile, Rufus left the Tang family and went back to the Garden Villa, only to find Cassandra packing her bags. This infuriated Rufus.

"Cassandra, didn't you hear what I said this morning?"

Cassandra ignored him, neatly packing her clothes.

"Rufus, I'm not breaking up with you. I just need to move out. We're not married. This?" Cassandra gestured at the whole room,"This is wrong. I have no reason to be staying with you. Your reputation is taking hits."

Cassandra kept on folding her clothes as she explained.

She didn't stop, so Rufus went to her side and grabbed her wrist to catch her attention.

"I'm telling you. Don't test my patience. I don't care what people say about me. If you think you don't have any reason to live with me under the same roof, then I'll give you one. Let's get married."

Rufus reached into his pocket and took out the gorgeous diamond ring he always had with him.

"Just slip it on. Let's head to the office and get registered!"

Cassandra's mouth was agape, visibly dumbstruck.

The diamond was almost the size of a small rock. It rested on a platinum setting and almost blinded her because of its sheen. It looked priceless. However, Cassandra didn't feel excited at the moment. She found the proposal foolish. It wasn't even done in a proper way. It felt rushed, forced even. Rufus only did this because he had to stop her from leaving. Cassandra felt her eyes welling up. She felt so sorry for herself.

She closed the ring box gently, and handed it back to Rufus.

"Rufus, you don't have to force yourself to do this. You really don't."

Cassandra took a deep breath and looked directly into Rufus's eyes. She looked passive and emotionless.

"So you're saying you don't want to marry me?"

Rufus raised his eyebrows in confusion when he saw Cassandra close the box. An uncomfortable feeling flashed in his eye


Rufus heard nothing but the rustling trees.

The mansion with no Cassandra was an empty and quite mansion.

Rufus started to understand what Cassandra meant.

There should be all kinds of sounds in the mansion. There should be the clangs of pots and pans in the kitchen, as someone was cooking. The mother should be talking. Yummy scents should be coming from the kitchen. It was the smell of a well-deserved breakfast.

Cassandra wanted a steady family so bad, but he couldn't give it to her.

His proposal, in Cassandra's eyes, was impulsive and forced. It was a joke to her. He didn't seem sincere at all.

He was so stupid to let her leave and even offered to break up with her!

Rufus walked to the small corner of the bedroom, kneeled and slowly picked up the diamond ring.

It still shone, exuberant and eye-catching.

He clasped the ring in his hand tightly.

Then he turned around and walked out of the bedroom. He went out to the courtyard and found it empty. Cassandra must have called a cab and took off.

He was going to tell her that he would be waiting for her. He was willing to give each other the breathing room they so desperately needed. He was willing to overcome the problems together for their future.

But she left. She wasn't even able to hear his epiphany.

Night fell.

Nothing good ever happened at night.

Rufus's cellphone kept on vibrating, making a continous buzz. He answered the phone and heard Jasper on the other end of the line who sounded anxious

"Rufus, get to TY Group as soon as possible. The things that happened to the members of the Dark Night Group happened to us too!"

Jasper was always efficient and calculating. He handled his work extremely well so it was rare that he would be this anxious. The problems must have been nigh unsolvable.

Rufus hung up and took a long last look at the empty street. He walked briskly back to the garage, popped open the door via remote, and got into his car. On his way out, he called up Victor and told him to book a flight.

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