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   Chapter 206 Horace's Visit (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-05-28 10:20

Charlie explained while comforting Amanda with a claptrap face.

"Then, tell me. How could I stop him from loving her?"

As a matter of fact, Amanda had a plan. But she decided to be an innocent and poor girl in front of her father, hoping that he would solve the problem for her. In that way, she would not have to do it herself and would avoid the possibility that Rufus might blame her should he find out that she had set a trap for Cassandra.

But when it came to Charlie that would be a different thing. He was Rufus's respected teacher. Even when he would do something to Cassandra to make her leave Rufus, Rufus would never say a word to blame him. Amanda was certain about it.

When Charlie was about to speak something to answer Amanda's question, there was a knock on the door.

Both the father and the daughter exchanged looks with each other and then Charlie answered, "Come in, please!"

The door opened, and it was Horace. He was standing at the door, wearing a gay smile.

"Mr. Tang?! What brings you here!"

Amanda exclaimed, she was totally shocked and confused as to what brought Horace to give her a visit.

"Oh, how about you call me Uncle Horace from now on!"

Horace smiled and walked in. When he saw Charlie, he was sure that he must be Amanda's father judging from their resemblance.

"You must be Amanda's father. Nice to meet you."

Horace offered a handshake. If he guessed it right, Amanda's father must be somebody well-known and prominent.

Charlie was tall and had some air of authority. His aura was commanding a powerful presence, which made people feel suppressed in front of him.

If Horace was not a sly old fox, probably he wo

Horace's attitude, Amanda inferred that he was on her side. That would make things easier for her when she got the support from Horace.

It would be better if her marriage with Rufus would be blessed by his family.

"I'll talk to Rufus again. He's my son, after all. Hopefully, he would listen to me,"

Horace promised while shaking his head to show his annoyance. He felt troubled thinking about Rufus's attitude.

They talked more for some time. Then later, Horace excused himself to leave.

After Horace had left, Amanda turned around and looked at Charlie.

"Father, you seem to dislike him. Why?"

Amanda had been curious why her father cast a cold glance at Horace the whole time. She and Horace talked a lot. But her father never joined them. He just sat there, in silence.

Charlie thought of Rufus's revenge plan at the sight of Horace. According to Rufus, he would break up with his father sooner or later. Should Amanda and Rufus marry and when that day came, would Amanda live a happy life with the Tang family? No, she would be trapped in a worse situation whenever the Tang family collapsed...

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