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   Chapter 205 Horace's Visit (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5599

Updated: 2019-05-28 02:03

"You are a Tang, and you are my son! Our family was deeply rooted in this city and has developed into a prominent family! No one in this family is allowed to be involved in a scandal like this!"

Horace bellowed as his face grew red because of anger.

"It's not a scandal. Every single man or woman has the freedom to fall in love with another person. Both of us are unmarried. We are doing well together,"

Rufus replied in a relaxed tone. All this time, never did he think that his relationship with Cassandra was shameful.

"You... How dare you contradict and talk back to me!"

Horace was furious now. He placed his hand on his chest and started breathing fast.

"Father, don't be so angry, please. There were conflicts and accidents in this family because Cassandra and Lionel didn't love each other. We are different. I love her and she loves me. And if you insist that it's improper for us to be together, we will move out. We won't live here."

Rufus finished his words calmly and looked at Horace who was out of breath.

"I'll call your doctor,"

Rufus said and left the study to make a call to the doctor. He had expected Horace would oppose, but he would not stop loving Cassandra. He would be with her no matter what and no matter how, even if it meant he had to beat all the odds for her.

Aside from all his worries with Cassandra, his father was another thing. Horace's body was getting worse as days passed by. Rufus decided to speed up his plans.

Otherwise, his revenge plan, which had years of preparation, would be in vain if Horace would die too early.

In his revenge plot, Rufus would make Horace realize the feeling of extreme hea

he priority for you is to take good care of your body. You fainted away yesterday. I'm so worried about you. I am restless to see you in such a terrible situation."

Charlie patted the quilt to comfort her like what he had done when she was still a little girl.

"How will you help me?"

Hearing her father's promise, Amanda sat up hastily. Her face lit up because of excitement.

Charlie was stunned at first. He began to think of how he could help her but didn't answer her question immediately.

When Amanda saw her father's hesitation, she became frustrated again. With a frown she said, "I know you have no intention to help me, Father. You told me you would help me last time when you left, but you did nothing! You are just fobbing me off!"

Amanda pouted, her eyes grew red and she was on the verge of crying again.

"No, no. I'm still working on a perfect plan. We need to come up with an excellent strategy, right? Rufus likes Cassandra now. We have to come up with a plan to stop him from loving her. Otherwise, there would be endless troubles waiting for you if we did it too imperiously,"

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