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   Chapter 204 She Is My Woman (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-05-28 02:03

Her eyes turned doleful. His shadow seemed to exist around her always, but never his person. There was nothing she could do but missing him. The constant nagging feeling of his absence had been killing her.

In the past, she could bear with it, as it was countered by her immense love for him. She wanted to give him a home where he could enjoy the warmth of a family when he got back.

But she realized this love couldn't stand after she had been disappointed for so many times.

Every time she felt closer to him, every time she felt she loved him more, Amanda would appear out of thin air and take him away.

Now, she truly had enough of this misery which seemed to run on a loop.

Rufus's hands rested loosely besides his thighs, but his fists tightened so much that his hands turned pale. The emotions were so hard for him to process; he ground his knuckles together, resisting the urge to scream at her or say anything out of line.

His lips were pursed, body clenched, as he tried to summon all his patience. In his mind, he told himself, 'Cassandra only feels insecure. I can't blame her for trying to escape me because she doesn't feel safe anymore.'

"Cassandra, I promised to never let you live without a home again. I am a man of my words. Stop thinking about moving out. I promise to come back here more often."

The muscles on his face were clenched too, which made his voice sound stiff and hoarse.

How could he let Cassandra go? He had almost ruined his relationship with Tang family for her, which could hinder his future prospects drastically. Yet, he'd done it anyway.

And it took her one night to make this sudden decision. How could he not feel angry?

"It's okay, Rufus. W

orace asked, "Rufus, what's going on between you and Cassandra?"

Clearly, Horace had heard about what had happened the previous night. He had been waiting on the couch for Rufus just so he could confront him with it.

"We're together. She's my woman,"

claimed Rufus, fearlessly.

"Shut your mouth! She is your younger brother's ex-wife!

How can you be with her?"

Horace was offended by Rufus's shamelessness. He got up in anger, slamming his desk. The vase kept on it started to wobble and fell, rolling to the edge. Just before it could fall, Rufus caught it, then looked up at Horace.

"They are divorced. They are not related in any way, legally. My relationship with Cassandra isn't against the law. There shouldn't be any problem due to that," he replied, his expression still as if set in stone.

Rufus kept himself calm despite Horace's uproar. He didn't let a single hint of discomfort come across his face.

"No problem, you say? There is a huge problem!"

Horace said, losing it entirely. He breathed loudly and puffed his mouth. At any second now, he could explode and the repercussions could be drastic.

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