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   Chapter 203 She Is My Woman (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5569

Updated: 2019-05-28 00:16

Rufus's embrace tightened further when he heard what she had just said.

"I will not allow you to jump. If you do, I will tear down the Qin family house and your company!"

Rufus shrieked at Cassandra on the spur of the moment. The domineering way in which he spoke would have made her laugh normally but she just wasn't in the right mood now.

In the end, she forced a bitter smile, underlying her soberness and bewilderment.

"I remember, when my family wanted me to marry Lionel, and I strongly opposed it. On that night, I went to the roof of my parents' house with this unicorn and spent the entire night sulking. I remember, the wind blew so strongly but still wasn't enough to blow my miseries away.

I kept asking myself, why it had to be me? Why did I have to make such a compromise?

Ever since I was young, I received less care and love from my parents as compared to my sister. Why, then, did I have to bear the responsibility in such a situation?"

Cassandra poured out her heart, her eyes half-closed, mellowed by tears. She kept thinking of how her family treated her when she was young and the tears started to flow out in streams.

"I stared at the sky from night to dawn, till the moon and stars faded and the first light appeared, till the sun rays pierced through the clouds and illuminated the sky.

Then suddenly, I heard sounds of colliding tableware coming from the kitchen and my mom speaking in the background. Eventually, the smell of breakfast wafted through the air."

She started to calm down. Her tears left traces on her cheeks even after the wind dried them away. Her eyes turned wistful, as she stared down at the lig

him terribly.

Sometimes, he would even leave right in the middle of a conversation, or dinner, when someone reached out to him. She couldn't stand it anymore.

"No way! I don't allow it!" he shouted, getting up quickly.

His face turned grim; his heart seemed to drop in ice water.

He had held her in his arms in front of so many people. Everyone had almost figured out they were together. Why would she ask to move out at such a point?

"I don't care whether you allow it or not. I have to do it. This place is too far from work. I want to shift to somewhere closer."

Cassandra had expected Rufus to react like this, and hence was already determined to stay strong and stick to her decision.

"If it's about getting a taxi everyday, I can arrange a car and a driver for you," Rufus offered.

Rufus was growing impatient. He tried to address whatever her concern was right away but that wasn't what Cassandra was worried about.

"Rufus, I don't want you car and your driver. All I need is to find a place of my own. Every corner of this place reminds me of you and you are never around."

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