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   Chapter 202 Jump Off The Rooftop (Part Two)

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Other women in the same situation would've taken advantage of a wealthy man and manipulated him into spending large amounts of money. Cassandra never used his money and kept turning him down when he wanted to buy her expensive gifts. She even became adamant in splitting the bills and grocery costs when they shopped at the supermarket.

No one but Rufus knew that Cassandra was self-contained, sensitive, stubborn and persevering.

Amanda felt her heart fragmented. She regretted asking Rufus such questions. The last question he asked her stayed unanswered.

Feeling humiliated and categorized as one of the rest, Amanda saw what Rufus spoke about Cassandra. She was stunningly beautiful and stood on a level of her own. She looked flawless, as he had made her out to be. How could she compete with this?

"Rufus, can you stay with me tonight, please? My dad won't be here until tomorrow. I know I'll be afraid to be alone in the ward," Amanda asked, while batting her eyelashes.

Amanda's pleading in a weak, croaky voice made him feel protective towards her.

Rufus looked at Amanda, giving off a barely audible sigh.

If she didn't force him hysterically back in the day, he would think she was still as glamorous as before.

Rufus hesitated for a moment, before accepting her so called harmless request. 'Men are so gullible, ' Amanda thought.

"Get some rest. I'm here with you."

His mannerism relaxed Amanda, and she felt safe and content by his side. She wanted to spend the little time they had together, but the effects of the medication had become contrary to her wishes. As she fought the sleep, drowsiness stole her moment with the one man she longed for.

Amanda buried her face in the hospital blanket, closed her eyes, and soon breathed deeply and evenly.

She held tightly o

t have been sitting here for a long time. Her body shivered and she was ice cold.

Rufus could finally breathe as he held her, but he wondered why she sat out in the cold like this.

"Cassandra, what are you doing up here?"

Rufus said in a wavering voice. He didn't know why Cassandra sat here. It disturbed him.

She frowned at him, as though she was in a bad mood.

She ignored him and gazed off into space, a faraway look in her eyes.

She didn't ask why he left for so long or tell him she missed him. She just glanced at him and turned away to look at the sky again.


Rufus clutched her to him. There was an aching void in his heart, an empty feeling, even with her in his arms.

She was frozen and needed him. Last night, he kept thinking about her the entire night as he sat next to Amanda in the ward.

Did Cassandra also think about him sitting on the rooftop?

Cassandra clenched her eyes, and then opened them again, turning her gaze back gradually.

She curled up her lips and said something Rufus didn't quite make out, "You know what? I've had times like this before, sitting on the rooftop all night against the wind and jump down at dawn."

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