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   Chapter 201 Jump Off The Rooftop (Part One)

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Amanda had already seen the doctor and medication had been applied. She lay on the bed in a private ward, wondering if someone would visit her. Her dad had phoned and would be with her in the morning.

She lay motionless on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. Her thoughts wondered to a different time. Her life was full of hope, love and direction. There were so many prospects. Why couldn't she find love again? She was a young, naturally beautiful woman. She had long thick cascading black hair and a rounded face with dimples that pieced her olive complexion. Her height was average, but her body was not. Huge eyes reminded you of pools of milk chocolate.

Rufus knew it was nothing serious with her as she was already awake the moment he came in. He motioned by tapping on the door and went to her bedside.

"How are you feeling now?" Rufus asked with a calm voice, still showing no emotions on his perfect face.

His concern for Amanda was purely courteous and out of deep respect for Charlie. Cassandra was all he thought about—he just wanted to go back to her and put his arms around the little woman. She was completely different from Amanda. An image of her sad and hurt face reappeared in his mind, stabbing him on the heart.

His voice brought Amanda back to the present. She rolled her large brown eyes to look at the person who stood in front of her.

Amanda stared into his face. She couldn't let him go yet. Tears were running down her cheeks. This was the man for her. There wasn't anyone else who could compare. She wanted

dn't buy a vehicle. Although it was inconvenient, she used public transport or take the taxi to work, to avoid suspicion. She never used the company cars for private purposes and had set an example for many employees.

Everyone thought that she dated Rufus for his position and finances, but it was he who kept her to stay with him, not that she was reluctant to leave.

Everyone thought that she was obsessed with fame and fortune, but only he knew the whole truth behind it. In the face of criticism and bad publicity, she had never complained to him or asked for his help.

If there were an animal to compare her to, it would be the hedgehog, a remarkable animal known for its prickly spines. She would curl into a spiky ball like the little creature when in danger to keep herself from harm rather than come to him for help.

Her company encountered many difficulties, but she never asked for favors or finance or any kind of help. Rufus had offered to help when he heard about the problems, but she always turned him down.

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