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   Chapter 200 Amanda Is Sent Into The Hospital

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Intimacy radiated across the hall as Rufus held Cassandra passionately, and everyone present gaped at the sight of them. When Amanda saw this, anger brewed inside of her that she held the glass in her hand tightly. Her strength was so great that her fingers were beginning to turn pale and it seemed that the glass she was holding would shatter any moment. She was trembling in anger, and her lips twitched in rage.

Amanda glared at Rufus as he walked out with Cassandra in his arms, and her face was filled with jealousy and annoyance. She was so angry that there seemed to be a burning fire in her eyes.

'Cassandra, you are so stupid! How can you let Rufus do this for you in front of so many people! How dare you ignore the bad reputation it would bring to Rufus for being so reckless to leave with you!

You're just a woman who should be criticized by everyone. Why is Rufus so gentle to you? Why?' Amanda thought irritably.

Just as Amanda was lost in her own thoughts, a man's voice was suddenly heard from behind her.

"Hello, Miss Ke. Hope to get along well with you!"

The man's voice sounded very gentle. He was staring at Amanda with a beaming smile. At this point, Amanda had braced herself and was beginning to feel awkward.

She turned around and found that the man standing next to her was Arthur. He had a look on his face as he tried to start a conversation with Amanda.

Amanda thought Arthur's smile was somewhat weird, but she couldn't tell exactly why she felt that way. 'Was this the man who had replaced Rufus to be the spokesperson? Why did the government make a sudden change in the decision? What was with him that changed the decision? What is his real identity?' she wondered.

Rufus didn't want to be the spokesman in the first place, so the fact that Arthur was elected as the spokesperson was not so unusual. However, the sudden change of plans was so strange and it made Amanda probe as to what the truth was.

"You have such a great influence and high morale in G City, Mr. Zhuang. I also hope that we can get to know each other well!"

Amanda answered with a sweet smile, hiding away her doubts for Arthur.

"Thank you, Miss Ke. It's their decision. They valued me enough to make me the spokesman! To be honest, it was completely out of my expectation and I was quite surprised!"

Arthur had seen the angry expression on Amanda's face when Rufus and Cassandra left. He looked at her with an understanding smile, but he did not bother to ask her the real reason for being so angry.

"That's great, Mr. Zhuang. In fact, I admire you for achieving so much at such a young age!"

Amanda always knew how to deal with businessmen—complimenting them without making them feel it was on purpose. So she praised Arthur liberally.

Arthur was a superficial man who enjoyed being flattered by others. Naturally, his face lit up after hearing Amanda's words.

Still, Arthur did not forget what the man had told him to do. After a short chat, he smiled at Amanda and changed the topic.

"By the way, Miss Ke, Mr. Ji asked me to tell you that he missed you very much."

After saying that, Arthur lifted his glass slightly, nodded to Amanda, then turned and left.

Upon hearing the man's name, the smile on Amanda's face sudde

her now!"

Charlie's voice over the phone was full of concern as he was so worried about his daughter.

"I told you to take good care of Amanda when I left several days ago. Have you forgotten that?"

Charlie blamed Rufus in an angry voice, but Rufus did not refute at all.

Cassandra changed into her pajamas and then got out of the bed slowly in silence. However, she was shaking her head in disbelief with her lips pale as she turned her back on Rufus.

'Amanda! Why is it always Amanda?' Cassandra thought.

Like a devil's name, it was cursed and unspeakable. It seemed that it was chasing Cassandra and cornering her with nowhere to go.

"I'll go to the hospital to see Amanda right now. Don't worry too much, Charlie." Rufus responded over the phone.

Charlie was a mentor to Rufus so he couldn't refuse his demands. He was left with no other choice but to say yes.

Rufus hung up and turned to find Cassandra. When he saw that she was stepping out of the bedroom, he felt a sharp pain in his heart.

He hurriedly walked up to her and grabbed her arms. Then, he turned her around and let her face him.

"Cassandra, I'm sorry. I have to go see Amanda. She's in the hospital right now. I hope you understand."

His voice was full of apologies and he was very sorry.

"Never mind. Go and see her at once. I'm tired, and I'm going to bed soon."

Cassandra gave out a reluctant smile and tried to pretend that she wasn't bothered at all.

"I'll be back soon..."

Rufus touched Cassandra's face and kissed her gently on the forehead.

Cassandra pushed him with a smile.

"Go ahead! I'll be waiting for you."

Rufus took a firm look at Cassandra and then hurried out of the villa.

Moments later, Cassandra heard the sound of his car driving away and the sound of the gate slowly closing in the courtyard.

She had been used to these sounds, but now they just sounded so cruel.

'Rufus, why do you hurt me like this? I've been so patient and I've given up a lot of things for you!' Cassandra thought bitterly.

It seemed that the originally beautiful night suddenly turned into a black hole, which had taken away all Cassandra's good wishes.

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