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   Chapter 199 Take You Home

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Lionel was livid over the decision to make Arthur the next spokesperson. He was severely upset, which was why he snapped at Cassandra that way. However, when he saw Cassandra's face fell, Lionel held his tongue back.

Cassandra didn't deserve to be yelled at that way. She wasn't even at fault. Lionel glanced around him and immediately regretted saying those words. There were plenty of people, including some government officials, who were looking at them. It was such a humiliating situation.

Ivy immediately echoed before Lionel spoke something to defuse the tense situation, "You broke Lionel and me. And now, you're ruining Miss Ke. It makes me wonder where you found the audacity to keep ruining people's lives. Why don't you just stay away and leave us and the Tang family alone? Your father's already rotting in jail and he deserved it. That alone should be reason enough for the Tang family to refuse you. Don't even try to blame the Tang family on your family's misery!"

Ivy knew Cassandra's weaknesses well. She cursed her with everything she could come up with. Cassandra was incredibly upset that her knees started to buckle, composure and strength seemingly vaporizing out of her.

From the eyes of the people who didn't know or barely knew Cassandra, it seemed to them that she was a gold-digging succubus that would use her men to get ahead.

After she divorced Lionel, she immediately clung herself to Rufus. It looked like she played tricks behind everyone's back.

All the people looked at Cassandra disdainfully. They absolutely despised her. Cassandra was so upset at Ivy's words that her body started to tremble with anger.

"It's been a particularly long time since I was a member of the Tang family. Why are you looking at me like I had something to do with your failures? I haven't done anything to you. Don't you dare accuse me!"

Cassandra bit back. Her retort, however, easily fell on deaf ears because everybody was already having the bad impression of her.

The onlookers started to whisper and belittle her. They didn't care about the severity and the consequences of what their gossiping would lead to. The spectators were hungry for drama and they were just about to eat a handful of it.

"Don't you dare try to spin this on me, you harlot. You're not as innocent as you think you are, don't play the fucking victim. Jesus Christ, I know everything you've done behind our backs. It's a good thing that I'm kind to you. I wouldn't tell other people about the atrocious things that you've done. Let's focus back on today's topic, shall we? You tripped me, and I demand an apology from you."

Ivy was being aggressive. When Lionel was there supporting her, she became bolder. She would never let Cassandra go that easily.

"Tell me, Ivy," Cassandra started. "Why the hell would I apologize for something I haven't done? You wronged yourself and went out of your way to frame me. I will not apologize to someone as despicable as you!"

Cassandra spat. There was absolutely no way that she would ever apologize to such a snake! Witnesses be damned, Cassandra knew she was innocent.

"Everybody, look! Look at

n against his calloused fingers.

Slowly raising his hand, Rufus placed the little woman's hand over on his chest. Cassandra could feel the steady, but loud heartbeat against his sternum. She suddenly grew warm.

"No matter what they would say about you, I trust you. My heart beats fast only for you,"

Rufus rarely spoke such loving words to her. He always proved his love and passion for her through actions alone, not with words. He felt so shy when he said those words and his heart began beating faster immediately.

Looking at Rufus's handsome face, Cassandra felt all the negativity expel out of her. She closed her eyes to breathe, eyelashes quivering underneath his gaze. When she opened her eyes, tears immediately started to flow out.

Rufus realized that nothing in this world hurt more than seeing her cry. He reached out his hands towards her face once again, and wiped her tears away.

"No, no. Don't cry. You'll look like an albino rabbit with those red eyes if you do!"

His joke relieved Cassandra. She let herself laugh. Rufus was right. It didn't matter what everyone else thought. They were nobody to her.

As long as she had Rufus by her side, she was a fearless woman.

"I want to go home,"

Cassandra sniffed and looked at Rufus pleadingly.

This was not a place for her to stand in. All the people were talking about the drama she was involved in and mocked her in this very place. All she wanted to do now was go back home to Garden Villa. Staying here a bit longer would make her go crazy.

"Let's go home, then."

Without thinking twice, Rufus bent over and scooped Cassandra up in his arms. He walked towards the gate with Cassandra clinging onto his shoulders for support.

Everyone was shocked at the sight of them together, wide-eyed.

All the gossip and rumors about Cassandra and Rufus were proven to be true from that gesture alone. Cassandra, Lionel's ex-wife, former manager of the Design Department of Tang Group, and the current head of Qin group, was whisked away by Rufus, Lionel's brother. The onlookers started to chatter once more.

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