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   Chapter 198 You Are Even Dirtier Than The Mud

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Amanda was astonished at the manner in which the mayor spoke; he seemed a completely different man. She knew the mayor as a family friend. They had discussed about the candidate for the spokesman, and it was sort of agreed on that Rufus would be the one representing the Industrial Tourism District with Amanda. But, why was the mayor acting so strangely today?

"Excuse me a moment, Miss Ke, I am going to announce the results!" Mayor said.

With a formal and polite smile, the mayor stepped onto the stage.

Being the most important part of the ball, all the people hushed, waiting intently for the announcement to be read out.

It would be a great honour for whoever became the spokesperson of G City. Being an integral part of the government, G City could advertise abroad, making it appealing to the tourists trade. In addition, it was to promote and advance one's career, and a great mission to be working with Miss Amanda Ke.

Rumour had it that the favourite to win by a mile would be Rufus.

As the Director of the Union of Real Estate, the Tang Group was naturally a powerful candidate. Amanda having a close relationship with the Tang Group was by no means a surprise if the government chose Rufus.

All eyes were on the centre podium. The mayor, facing the microphone, pulled out the page with a name. Nervously clearing his throat, he began.

"Spokesperson of the G City Industrial Tourism District, is conferred to our local entrepreneur..."

He paused, sort of teasing the audience playfully, and his eyes swept a glance at the audience.

Waiting in silence, Rufus still wore a expressionless mask on his face.

Amanda became a little anxious, stealing a quick glance at Rufus. Fearing Rufus would say a tactless remark as he did last time at her concert. This could embarrass the mayor on today's important occasion.

A very confident man stood beaming in the audience, pushing his already protruding chest out further than before.

"The president of Dawn Star Group, Mr. Arthur Zhuang! Congratulations!"

The mayor resumed in his loud and clear voice, followed by an uncomfortable silence.

'Arthur Zhuang? How could this be? Wasn't it supposed to be Rufus?'

Amanda was astonished. She had been given a reassuring promise from the local government. Rufus would be the spokesperson. How come it turned out to be Arthur instead?

Rufus never changed his detached look, disguising his true emotions which grew more intensive and showed in his eyes.

Finally faint applause broke the silence, which drew the remaining audience out of shock, before they applauded loudly.

Arthur smoothed his tie, wearing his confident smile, and strolled onto the stage to deliver his speech. The mayor stood by, smiling decadently, yet stealing a glance at the winner with a glint of resignation in his eyes.

'Arthur, you dirty little scoundrel! If you hadn't blackmailed me, you would never have had a chance, ' the mayor cursed within him. Resentfully the mayor watched Arthur having his moment of glory. 'The wheel turns my friend, I'll be watching you. When you slip up one way or another I will be there, ' the mayor thought revengefully.

Arthur had found evidence that the mayor had been abusing the public funds. If found guilty, the mayor would have to pay back the funds, be publicly humiliated and even loose his position. His family and friends would abandon him. After a lot of deliberation, he had no choice.

To the ma

be Arthur.

He couldn't think of a worse candidate. Lionel remembered when Arthur was still one of his errand boys, he had no spine and was obsequious. How could he bear to face that one of his own errand boy now had turned out to outclass him?

In some strange turn of events, Arthur became president of the Dawn Star Group. At the same time, Lionel also became the president of the Tang Group. Fortunately, the Tang Group ranked higher in terms of their comprehensive strength. Lionel had been proud and giving himself airs all the time.

Then both corporations had made rapid development, but the Tang Group under Rufus's leadership was always one step ahead.

However, apparently, the Dawn Star Group had got a remarkable victory in this round.

The industrial tourism programme, formulated by the government was very important. The two spokespeople were even more so. However not one question was raised on the qualification of Amanda Ke, who was a world renowned pianist. 'Why did the local representatives choose Arthur? This is completely beyond me, ' Lionel gave out a long sigh.

'Rufus always beats the opposition and has this superiority towards others. How come he is whitewashed by Arthur this time?' Lionel thought to himself despairingly.

This commotion of Ivy being tripped by Cassandra with people gossiping and inquisitively gazing made him inflame with anger.

After helping Ivy on her feet, Lionel vented all his frustrations and anger out on Cassandra.

"Cassandra, you have now gone too far! How could you do this to Ivy? What do you think you are doing?"

In a fit of rage, Lionel shouted at Cassandra.

"Lionel, listen, she did this to herself. I have nothing to do with it! Don't sling mud at me!"

Cassandra found Lionel was so unreasonable after their divorce. He still sought every chance to set himself against her and would create a disturbance in her company absurdly. Now with so many people around, how could she remain silent?

"Sling mud at you?" Lionel sniggered. "I am afraid the mud seems clear in comparison to you. Well, it seems you came here alone, right? So seeing Rufus with Miss Ke, made you bitter huh?"

Cassandra frowned upon his last remark, feeling her chest tightened and a few drops of perspiration gathered at the base of her neck.

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