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   Chapter 196 A Woman of Easy Virtue (Part Two)

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Amanda couldn't quite make out what they were taking about, but she was pretty sure it was about Rufus's dance partner right outside. Knowing Ivy, it was probably something bad.

Since Ivy had become so desperate that she even almost resorted to hurt Cassandra with a pair of scissors in broad daylight, Amanda knew how her hatred ran deep for Cassandra.

She could relate all too well, as she herself had the urge to tear Cassandra apart at times. She was too smart to use her own hands, though. The best way would be to use other people to destroy her.

"No wonder I haven't seen you around lately! I was so curious where our resident party queen had been all this time. I thought you had your child already! I am so sorry for what happened, Ivy!" a young woman said.

Her eyebrows were furrowed and her lips pouted to show how she pitied Ivy. She also patted her back for good measure.

Ivy never focused on work ever since she graduated. She did, however, work on her social skills. Hence, she was involved with the clique of every wife of the enterprise executives. Most of them had nothing to do everyday but sit pretty and show off their extravagant lifestyles.

But because Lionel was quite generous to Ivy and she herself was good at taking cues at other people's words, she was exceedingly popular among the wives.

"I was so incredibly devastated from losing my poor baby, and I had to stay at home to recover. That's why I turned down a lot of you invitations. Please don't take it the wrong way," she said with a voice full of emotion.

She looked so convincing that all the other women she was with felt pity and empathy for her loss.

"Please be more careful in the fut

vent because they were all competing to win the princess's dress that night. Lyndsy had no idea how many women fumed when she gifted it to Cassandra.

They all looked down on Cassandra when they knew how shamelessly she stole her friend's boyfriend.

"My husband's company is working with her for a project! Oh, God! I have to talk to my husband after the party. He needs to stay away from such a woman. I'm scared of what would happen since she's so easy!" one of them proclaimed.

At that moment, all the wives thought of the same thing—keeping their husbands away from Cassandra as far as possible.

"That is such a good point! Open your eyes, ladies! Pay attention to every detail and move she does, since I believe she will do anything to achieve her goals!" another woman added fuel to the fire.

Ivy wore the satisfied smirk of someone who had just succeeded. Everything was falling into place. She didn't even break a sweat.

The wives of the executives were simpletons, only entertained by the stories they themselves made up.

'Now Cassandra, let's see what you can do!' Ivy thought as she clenched her jaw.

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