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   Chapter 195 A Woman of Easy Virtue (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Beer Characters: 6003

Updated: 2019-05-26 09:29

Rufus seemed indifferent and danced gracefully with Amanda, matching her every step. However, the subtle tension evident on his face and cold eyes betrayed his true feelings.

The moment the last note ended, he withdrew his body contact with Amanda in a swift motion and started for the exit.

"Where are you going, Rufus?" Amanda asked quickly in a low voice.

She grabbed his arm in a futile attempt to stop him, surprised by his sudden retreat.

"Let go of me, you hear me?" Rufus replied passively.

He cast a soul-piercing glare at her and Amanda felt her hairs stand up under his icy

xated on them from a small crack on the door. Amanda glared at them with unadulterated hate in her eyes. She look straight at them and cracked a sinister smile.

'Well done, Cassandra! Well done, indeed. Such a clever move to seduce Rufus outside in order to dance with you. You think I wouldn't find out? You are so naive!' she snarled as she thought of this.

Averting her gaze, Amanda turned around and found Ivy gossiping and laughing with a group or rich women. Despite the distance between them, Amanda could see the mischievous smile on her face as Ivy whispered into the women's ears.

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