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   Chapter 194 Perfect Match

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Ivy might have a tricky mind but that didn't mean she was a woman of wisdom. She was a bit dense that she would even go as far as sacrificing her own son just for driving Cassandra away.

To Amanda, Ivy was a naive woman ready to be used at her disposal.

When Amanda saw that Ivy was deep in meditation, she started the car.

"Ivy, aren't you going to attend the ball? Do you already have something to wear? I can help you. I'll take you to my friend's shop and we can choose a dress for you. Put all your worries aside. What's important is you wear something nice so you can go with Lionel to the ball. You know we women gotta work!"

Amanda played her words with two meanings, which not only stopped Ivy's awful ideas coming out this morning but also drew her over her side.

Not to mention Amanda hated Cassandra too—these were the types of people she wanted to keep in her life!

"Manager Qin, here's the Business Newspaper for today,"

the assistant said as she placed today's newspaper in front of Cassandra —and on the front page was Cassandra's interview from the other day.

"I think they made a mistake..."

the assistant said hesitantly, sneaking a shy glance at Cassandra.

Cassandra grabbed the paper and quickly skimmed through the article and there it was—a quick blurb about Cassandra's personal affairs.

Business Newspaper: Manager Qin, as a business woman, what can you say about love?

Cassandra: Don't look for it. It'll come.

Business Newspaper: Is there someone special in your life right now? Maybe, someone you love?

Cassandra: Yes, I do have a partner right now and I love him very much.

Business Newspaper: Do you have plans to get married?

Cassandra: We haven't talked about that yet.

Business Newspaper: Hoping for the best, Manager Qin.

Cassandra: Thank you so much.

"I don't think there's anything wrong here. What are you talking about?"

Cassandra said in a puzzled tone as she raised her head to look at the assistant. All the questions were pretty standard—nothing impressive or offensive.

The assistant bit her lip and flipped to the next page to show Cassandra another article.

It was the entertainment section and the article was about Lyndsy.

The article was accompanied by a huge photo of Lyndsy's face. The title of the piece was "Best Actress's Boyfriend Was Snaked By A Former Flame! Rumored Woman in Man's Heart said to be 'Two-Faced and Artificial."

The article basically said that Lyndsy had a business colleague who stole her boyfriend. For her own sake, she kept mum about it.

The other woman meanwhile was described as a powerful woman. Although the woman wasn't named, the description matched Cassandra's precisely: a divorcee whose father was in jail. This article could not have been more blatant.

Cassandra merely shrugged it off, a light

uldn't miss this opportunity to force Rufus towards the center of the dance floor.

Rufus danced with Amanda robotically, his eyes still sweeping the room.

Amanda felt her insides drop when she realized Rufus wasn't even looking at her.

Amanda orchestrated this entire thing so that she and Rufus would end up showing up at the ball together.

She did this purposely because she knew Cassandra was going to be here. She wanted to show Cassandra that she was the woman for Rufus and not her. Cassandra was nothing but a commoner to her and she couldn't believe she even had to compete with someone like her.

Amanda never left Rufus's side just to make sure he wouldn't talk to Cassandra. This sight of Amanda and Rufus side by side the whole night broke Cassandra's heart.

No woman could care less about her image and status in a relationship. Amanda knew that with everything Cassandra was going through, Rufus was in no place to be committing to anything much less a relationship. And Cassandra wouldn't be wrong to doubt him at this point too.

Distrust can break a relationship. In this case, all she needed was to sit back and watch from afar.

"Rufus, I'll be announcing that you and I are going to be the spokespeople for the tourism area of G City. Get ready, okay?"

Amanda whispered to Rufus, purposely brushing her head against his chest so she could close in the little space between them.

"I don't need you to tell me what to do,"

Rufus said coldly, stepping back so that he would create a space between him and Amanda.

"I didn't mean to boss you around. I'm just reminding you how valuable I am to your business and I'm a bit sad that I have to remind you of that," she paused and looked at Rufus in the eyes, "she can't do anything for you, Rufus, she'll only hold you back."

Amanda's tone was knowing and suggestive and on her face was a casual smile.

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