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   Chapter 193 Why Did You Choose Him (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6355

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After a few minutes, Lionel's grasp loosened and she realized he had dozed off. She stood up and went to the bathroom to let the warm water flow over her bruises. When she was done, she leafed through her wardrobe and selected an appropriate dress which would veil the marks left by Lionel's torturous touch.

Sleep wouldn't come to her, so Ivy stayed up till dawn with her poisonous thoughts. 'Cassandra, are you satisfied with you triumph? You may have divorced Lionel, but you are still teasing him. You haven't left us because you are still a hurdle on my path.

You have disrupted my life and taken everything that was mine. Do you think I will give up so easily? You are wrong! I will make you pay for it, ' she decided.

At the corner of the street which was opposite to Cassandra's company, Ivy lingered eagerly for Cassandra's arrival.

Tucked inside her pocket, she had a pair of small scissors. It was tiny but razor-sharp.

It was the sort of scissors people used for paper cutting and package opening. But today, Ivy wouldn't employ it for any of the aforementioned functions. 'I will be cutting Cassandra's face with it, ' she thought with a vile smirk.

Just when she was having this internal conversation, she observed that her target had appeared. At this moment, she was hardly a dozen meters away.

Cassandra got off the taxi, and was waiting for the traffic light to turn green so that she could cross the street to the company located at the other side.

'On the outside she looks like a perfect and elegant woman. It must be hard for people to guess what a dirty and despicable person she actually is!' Ivy declared inside her mind.

Her heart was engulfed with pure hostility. Her freezing coldness was palpable to anyone who glanced at her.

'Cassandra, I am going to slash in your deceptive face. I will unravel and show the world your hidden ugliness. It's tim

she felt for Cassandra would only be subsided with revenge. Her heart craved to see Cassandra in a grief-stricken state.

"Ivy, I get what are you going through, I really do. But with the scissors, the most harm you could have inflicted on her would be a few surface wounds. Sooner or later, someone would have stopped you. And then what? You would be sent behind the bars. It's not worth it!"

Amanda sighed as she swayed her head in dissatisfaction.

"What else can I do? When I was pregnant, I meant something to their family. I could have easily spoken for myself. But now I have become worthless to the Tang family," Ivy groaned in a dispirited tone.

Once again, Ivy relived all the struggle she had gone through to fulfill her desire of being the member of Tang family. 'I did everything possible, ' she thought sullenly.

"Right now Cassandra is only concerned about Qin Group. I don't think she gives a damn about Lionel. If you wish to inflict pain on her then your target should be her beloved company," Amanda goaded her.

Upon hearing Amanda's point of view, Ivy fell into a long silence. Amanda gave out a satisfied smile since she understood Ivy was absorbing her words. 'Yes, I think this woman will take the bait, ' she happily thought.

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