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   Chapter 192 Why Did You Choose Him (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5757

Updated: 2019-05-26 00:12

With anger etched on Ivy's face, she passed Lionel a look that could only be described as distaste.

Ever since she got discharged from the hospital, she started sensing a strain in their relationship. As the days passed, Lionel was getting further and further away from her. At the beginning, she assumed Cassandra's departure would make her path clear. But things weren't as easy as she had hoped. Even after Cassandra left, Cassandra's memory haunted him.

Lionel would often come home in a drunken state. And while he was wasted, he would chant Cassandra's name. This made Ivy's blood boil in rage. By now, she had lost all her confidence and hope in this man. Yet she hadn't given up on her aspiration to become a part of the Tang family. In fact her greedy mind was trying to figure out a way to turn this dream into a reality. As she knew she wouldn't get much support from Lionel, she realized Jill was her last resort.

However, she couldn't stop fretting about it. She knew that Jill was Horace's wife and, as a consequence, had a prominent position in the house. In spite of this, her dubious mind reasoned that Jill wouldn't have much say in Lionel's marriage related matter. Moreover, things weren't so lucid. She realized she had a long way to go.

While she was lost in her thoughts, Ivy felt Lionel's tender touch on her neck. It gently moved up and stopped on her soft face. On a closer inspection, Ivy noticed a hazy look in his eyes.

"Why did you have to choose him? How could you do this to me?"

Lionel murmured to himself. His face depicted the rawest form of sadness.

As soon as these words were uttered, Ivy understood it wasn't intended for her. 'Here comes his Cassandra melodrama, ' h

ere is no way he is going to possess you. Never! That can't happen," he yelled as he exerted his pressure on Ivy.

His mind was still in chaos and as far as he was concerned, he was still married to Cassandra.

Under his control, Ivy could barely move. She wasn't a frail woman but she couldn't compete with a man, especially a fierce and strong man like Lionel.

She let out a sob and wondered what had happened to Lionel. The man who passionately expressed his sincere love for her was dead. And Cassandra had killed him. This man who was lying on top of her wasn't her Lionel. He was someone who chose to indulge in alcohol and illusions.

Already Ivy had a bad impression of Cassandra, but Lionel's condition intensified her hatred.

Because of Cassandra, her world had turned upside down. She had done everything to the best of her ability. She even sacrificed her innocent baby to ensure that they would divorce. Yet the plight she was enduring didn't come to an end. While she was living with toil and tears, the culprit behind her downfall was relishing her sweet life. 'Life can be so unfair!' she bitterly muttered to herself.

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