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   Chapter 191 Amanda's Resolve (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5716

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At this point, she could no longer pretend she wasn't bothered by Rufus's indifference. The anger that had accumulated over the past few weeks broke out. She felt like she was better than Cassandra in every possible way and made a more suitable match for Rufus. Yet, Rufus kept ignoring her!

"Amanda, consider this a warning. Do not speak badly about Cassandra in front of me. This is the last time I'm telling you this."

At last, the remaining bits of patience for the daughter of his respected mentor got drained. His face was grim. Darkness arose from his eagle-like eyes, piercing through her.

Rufus firmly believed he knew Cassandra better than anyone else. Her marriage with Lionel was widely misunderstood. The clients she had were also not due to his reference. Whatever she had reaped was the result of her own efforts. How could Amanda disregard all her hard work without knowing anything about her?

"I will speak! Cassandra is nothing but a slut abandoned by her husband. Only you would treasure such a filthy woman!"

Amanda lost all her manners in front of someone like Rufus whom she knew from head to toe. She acted like no less than a kid, shouting out those careless words.

Rufus's jaw clenched; his eyes widened as a dark look came on his face.

"Enough! Don't ever show me your face again!" Rufus roared.

His eyes seemed to be made of cold metal. Amanda quivered, taken aback by his sudden uproar.

He had now turned violently angry toward her. Using some strength, he shoved her away from the door. She couldn't even balance herself and almost fell to the ground but Rufus didn't even look at her. Without waiting another second, he strode out.

The empty space around

a bar and get drunk. He indulged himself in the dazzling and foggy environment of the bar. That seemed like the only way for him to get Cassandra out of his head.

How ridiculous he felt! When Cassandra was legally with him, he never cherished her, instead, always pushed her away. It was only after she left him that he saw her true value in his life.

Recently, he had instructed someone to ask the doctor who handled Ivy's pregnancy about the night Cassandra pushed her down the staircase. The doctor, to his surprise, said that the baby had already died because of oxygen deficiency way before Ivy reached the hospital.

That meant it was highly possible the baby already died before the accident!

He had employed so many methods to get close to Cassandra after the divorce, but she continued to arrogantly avoid him. Yet, he stooped low for her like a begging dog.

Lionel, soaked in the smell of alcohol, still struggled to stand still. In a daze, he saw a woman on his bed. He closed his eyes, shaking his head before opening the eyes again to get a clearer picture. To his eyes, it looked like no one else but Cassandra!

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