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   Chapter 190 Amanda's Resolve (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5717

Updated: 2019-05-25 02:02

Cassandra blanked out. It was the late evening, off-work peak hour, and the taxi was stuck in the middle of all the cars heading from the CBD towards the residential areas. The traffic moved so slowly; the taxi moved like a snail.

Cassandra leaned against the window and looked out at the buildings all around her. And her eyes happened to fall upon a huge billboard, with Amanda's smiling face on it.

It was that typical smile of her, pure and elegant, confident and amicable.

Part of her suspected Amanda had come to G city for Rufus.

What was the relationship between the two? Her head was filled up with doubts and speculations.

Endless questions clawed at her heart, because of which she felt compelled to confront Rufus directly. But she was afraid of seeing him, afraid that she would collapse at the mere sight of his face, that she would fall to her knees and wail endlessly, that she would expose her most vulnerable, fragile self. Most of all, she was afraid Rufus would despise that weak side of her.

'How do you forget to be obstinate, Cassandra? Where's your perseverance? Where does all your strength vanish to when you see Rufus?' she castigated herself.

While she was lost in her own musings, Rufus was still at work. Amanda, who was determined to get back her true love again, sat on the couch, watching him work since noon.

She hadn't left the room since she had come to have lunch with him, who kept ignoring her. However, she seemed to be mentally prepared for this cold treatment and hence wasn't really bothered by it.

As long as Rufus didn't kick her out, she felt hopeful.

Moreover, maybe it was for Charlie's sake that he wasn't saying anything harsh enough t

you don't resume a relationship with her, let her down gently. Don't hurt her, please."

Rufus knew his revered mentor, Charlie, had doted on Amanda, hence he agreed to this. It was a token of gratitude for his valuable guidance.

And indeed, he was keeping his promise. Even though he didn't want to be in a relationship with Amanda, he never intended to hurt her. He had decided to allow Amanda to do whatever she wished. The best he could do was to turn a blind eye to all her actions.

But it seemed like Amanda wasn't discouraged by his indifference—from sending him flowers, to staying in his office, to blocking his way and now inviting him for a movie—she was so persistent. Finally, Rufus's patience started to fade.

"What's so good about Cassandra? She is divorced! What tricks has she played to trap you?

I have heard the clients that signed contracts with her company are none other than the regular clients of Tang Group. Did you make that happen? Rufus, you weren't a person like this. Why do you treat her so generously and kindly, and me so coldly?" Amanda was now shouting at him, having lost all her patience.

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