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   Chapter 188 It’s Easier For A Woman To Pursue A Man (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-05-25 00:18

Cassandra was still shocked. It took a while before it wore off and she was able to pull herself together. At the side, Stella crossed her hands and raised them to her chest.

"Why didn't you tell me about this, Cassandra? I'm your best friend and I can't believe you keep secrets from me! But please accept my best wishes. It's lucky of you to find a sweet and handsome boyfriend in such a short time! I hope he can heal your wound. It was romantic of him to announce you as his girlfriend to the whole world! How I envy you!" Stella chatted non-stop.

Her face showed an expression of admiration, especially that she didn't have a boyfriend at the moment.

Cassandra curled her lips. She looked at the photo again before she averted her eyes to Stella, not knowing whether to laugh or cry about the situation.

She thought hard how to explain everything to Stella. If she chose to say that Dylon and her pretended to be lovers to get Lyndsy out of trouble, then she would have to explain why and open up about what happened to Lyndsy. And it was impossible to elaborate the entire story in just a few words.

While Cassandra was thinking hard on how to explain the entire situation to her friend, Stella just talked and talked.

"When will that silly goose spontaneously do something like that? Will I ever experience something like that in my life? If he can act like your boyfriend, I'll sure be jumping at it!" Stella muttered.

The serious and depressed expression on her face made Cassandra part her lips with an abortive attempt at a laugh.

Cassandra knew exactly who she was talking to. It was Victor, who always followed Rufus like his shadow wherever he went.

Victor had left a good impression on Cassandra. He might not talk much and always showed a cold

is an elegant pianist. Hmm, what a perfect pair they make!"

Stella's eyes gleamed and danced, happy like a lark. Her cheeks became red from excitement. On the other hand, Cassandra's heart was sinking down as if a rock was tied to it and her entire body was suddenly frozen. 'The pianist...Amanda Ke!' A name flashed across Cassandra's mind.

That same woman had held Rufus's arms intimately and she had made Rufus leave her without any hesitation with just a phone call.

Cassandra could see the billboards of that woman every day on her way to work, and she was smiling gracefully like an angel along the skyline of G City's busy streets.

That same woman was just like a shadow that existed between Rufus and her, half visible and half hidden; it was impossible for Cassandra to get rid of the shadow because she kept reminding them of her existence every now and then.

Cassandra had deliberately ignored the woman and was reluctant to think about her. She made an effort to avoid her own suspicion breaking her relationship with Rufus.

Until now, what Stella told her had forced her to reconsider this woman and thought that she was not as simple as she used to think.

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