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   Chapter 187 Men Are Strange Animals (Part Two)

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"If Rufus does marry you, then you will no longer be my ex, but my sister-in-law!" Lionel laughed out loud. "But...I'm not sure whether that will go down too well with daddy dearest. Rufus would just do it to spite him anyway."

Lionel had a sinister smile on his face. He gazed at Cassandra meaningfully, satisfied to see her stiffen instantly.

She felt a stab to her heart. 'Would Horace accept her? What about the Tangs?'

Rufus and she were in the awkward status now. She once hoped to get the blessings from the two families, but would that be possible?

Her father Vermon, had no idea of her love life, being stuck in prison. Edith, her mother, would never approve of anything she did. And Cloris, her sister, kept being hostile towards her.

Besides, just imagine how the Tangs would react! Jill never liked her, seeing her as a gold digger. She knew for the fact that Cassandra married into the Tang family for commercial benefit of the Qins. The Lady of the Tangs was always looking down her nose at her. She was such a pompous, pretentious woman, believing that only certain people had the right to breath in her oxygen.

Horace, never accepted her as part of the family. The day Cassandra's father was imprisoned, he showed his intense indifference towards her. Then it dawned on her, she would never truly be accepted by the Tangs.

And Lionel... In the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong man, she had started a tragic life. He had ruined all her fantasy of marriage for her. Her thoughts about marriage and relationships, had become practical. Not that she didn't want the fantasy, it just felt as though it was unattainable.

If it weren't for Rufus, what would have happened to her? Her knight in shining armor, came to her rescue. The thoughts of his strong beefy physique, warm smile, strong heartbeats and stunning eyes made her legs all wobbly.

"I won't regret my relationship with him. Rufus has never minced his words about marriage. But it didn't worry me; even if we never get married, I am conten

in no time, with a smug smile on her face.

"Stella, you know I didn't mean to ignore you, okay? The Qin Group has just started over. Everything needs to be done at the same time, you know how it goes. And I have no one to really help me to see to the whole company. You know what? I haven't taken a break in such a long time."

Cassandra also felt dead beat, but she had to persist since it was her father's company...

"That doesn't make me mad! I am mad because you have been keeping your secret love life from me! Do you really take me as your BFF, friend?"

Stella pouted angrily.

Cassandra was mystified, wondering how the knowledge of their falling in love had reached Stella, as Rufus and she hadn't mentioned a thing.

"How... "How did you know that?"

Cassandra asked Stella in a daze. Cassandra was utterly perplexed, wondering when Rufus decided to publicly declared their relationship.

Stella narrowed her eyes and pretended to glower at Cassandra, before pulling out her mobile. She tapped open the News app and handed it to Cassandra.

"Take a look for yourself! You have made the headlines!"

The confusion was written all over Cassandra's face. She took the phone from Stella dubiously and froze as her eyes glanced upon the news.

It was the photo in which Dylon was wrapping her in his arms and addressing the journalist.

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