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   Chapter 186 Men Are Strange Animals (Part One)

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"No way! I'm not interested in hearing your side of the story," Cassandra said defiantly.

Immediately and with such determination, she laid down her case. Cassandra felt herself gaining strength and boldness, each day of her separation from this man she detested.

She hated to admit that this man had caused a lot of damage. Cassandra was so innocent when she met Lionel. During their arranged marriage, they just could not seem to get along with each other. His hatred and her resistance drifted the two further and further away. She had never been afraid of Lionel's threats before, and would never allow them to affect her in the future.

"You don't want to know what's happened, do you?" Lionel said, with a smirk on his arrogant face.

He was quite surprised, as he looked for that familiar curiosity in her eyes. Casandra no longer fell for his mind games. Sitting like a blueprint in front of her. He had become so obvious. The years of reading his every action had made her extremely perceptive. The repulsiveness sat in her throat when she looked at him.

"I do, but I trust Rufus more and will believe what he has told me. Your information is normally fragmented in lies and concealment," Cassandra said coldly.

Cassandra took a deep breath and looked at Lionel calmly. She no longer felt anxiety and had no pit in her stomach. How wonderful it was to be free of his bondage.

She wondered why Rufus hasn't told her everything. As she pondered, she realized, he was protecting her. He was a caring man, always putting her well being first. These two brothers couldn't have been any more different, even if they tried. Lionel was just a critically hard man. He could not commit, and had no loyalty.

Lionel had his teeth clenched, seething with annoyance. Cassandra had been pushing him lately. He was going to make them regret their relationship. If he couldn't have her, neither could his brother. He always believed he was better. Thinking he had to prove his point, in everything he did. 'We will see about that.' Anger rose up within him.

His thoughts flickered back to their marri

wanted the best for him. She never wanted to separate him or bring anymore pain into his relationships. Cassandra was well aware of what it meant without love, support, and care from family.

"Not the filthy way as I think? How do you know what I am thinking?" "How do you know in what way I see you?" said Lionel with a darker face, clenching his teeth.

He changed from his relaxed posture into sitting up right, and his neck stiffened.

"Lionel, I don't want to argue with you anymore. I'm tired of your nonsense. Please get over it and get out. Stop meddling in my business! I trust Rufus, and it's never your place to judge."

"I will never accept you and my brother together." said Lionel. Cassandra didn't bother to waste her breath, knowing that he just wanted to get on her nerves.

Lionel was quite frustrated that he never got the response he wanted.

He knew he was the reason for Cassandra leaving him. She was such a stunner, how did he miss that? He had all those mistresses, and not one could compare with her. This woman used to be his legal wife, but now she was in his brothers arms. With this thought, a sudden pangs of rage flooded through him.

"If Rufus does marry you, then you will no longer be my ex, but my sister-in-law!" Lionel laughed out loud. "But...I'm not sure whether that will go down too well with daddy dearest. Rufus would just do it to spite him anyway."

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