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   Chapter 185 Be My Dancing Partner

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As promised, Amanda gave Ivy a job in her company. She only needed to work short hours but her salary was much higher than she could imagine.

Ivy knew very well why Amanda was giving her the job, and it was because Amanda wanted to learn more about what Rufus was up to. Consequently, Ivy was always happy to share everything she heard and saw in the Tang House, whether deliberately or unintentionally.

However, the only pieces of information Ivy had at the moment were the recent developments of Tang Group and unimportant conversations between Rufus and the Tang family, which Amanda could find out on her own too.

To her surprise, Amanda treated her even better. Aside from chatting with Ivy, she had never asked Ivy to do other things in the studio. It seemed that Amanda believed everything she said without suspicion. Ivy felt lucky and was very pleased to work with Amanda.

"Ivy, there will be a dance party in three days. All the government officials will be attending. Please do come as well with Mr. Tang," Amanda invited Ivy with a pleasant smile on her face.

Amanda seemed to be on her way out of the studio already as she was wearing her coat when she knocked on the door and invited Ivy.

On the other hand, Ivy had learned about the dance party and heard that the spokesperson for enterprises in G City would be selected during that event. This person would also be representing the tourism area of G City with Amanda.

Because she had not formally married into the Tang Family, Ivy assumed that she wasn't invited to parties like that. But, Amanda did come to ask her in person to attend so she was overwhelmed.

"I don't know whether Lionel will take me to the party. It's embarrassing but we hadn't gotten married yet..." Ivy responded technically.

She looked at Amanda for a response even before she could finish her sentence.

With an assuring smile, Amanda told her to be patient.

"I'll talk to your future father-in-law and he will talk to Mr. Tang. I think that my opinion carries an important weight to him now," Amanda promised.

She was too smart to not know what was in Ivy's mind and knew how to make Ivy satisfied.

This was a very good opportunity for Amanda. She was making sure that everyone she needed was there. The more, the better.

And Ivy was an important part of her master plan, she needed to make sure that she showed up to the party.

At the same time, Cassandra was very busy working in her office when suddenly her assistant came in carrying an invitation.

"Manager Qin, the government office sent an invitation here asking you to take part in a dance party in three days," the assistance reported eagerly.

She placed the invitation on Cassandra's desk but her eyes were fixed on it curiously.

She wondered who sent this invitation and why they invited Cassandra. The company was not big enough or well-known for such occasions.

Cassandra was obviously confused thinking who had sent this invitation to her too.

She grabbed the white envelope containing the invitation and hurriedly opened it. The dance party, as mentioned, was scheduled in three days. The letter was from the mayor's wife.

Cassandra remembered that she played mahjong for the first time in her life with the mayor's wife, but couldn't figure out why she would ask her to the party.

She didn't suspect anything with the invitation and decided to go out of politeness.

Cassandra thought for a while before she took her phone to call Michelle with the intention of asking her

said that their dresses didn't fit properly and wanted you to alter them immediately," the assistant explained hurriedly in a low voice that only Michelle and Cassandra could hear.

Cassandra was aware that they needed to pay more attention when dealing with officials. It was difficult to keep a good relationship with them.

"Please go and see what happened, Michelle! Thank you for telling me so many things about him, and I owe you a lot. Just let your assistant wrap the dress for me and I'll be out of your hair. I also got other plans," she urged Michelle.

Cassandra gave a sincere smile and her eyes glimmered with gratitude.

Michelle also smiled at her, knowing that she had to leave now. She planned to tell Cassandra about Amanda the next time they met. With that, she bid goodbye and left hurriedly.

Cassandra returned to her office with the dress and to her surprise, Lionel was waiting for her there.

"Why go through the trouble of visiting my office, Mr. Tang? What can I do for you," she asked directly.

She put the bag on her desk and looked at the unexpected and unwelcomed visitor, wondering whether he was there to argue with her and if it was, why.

"Cassandra, are you stupid or are you pretending to be stupid? Did you already forget about what happened at the hotel the other day?" Lionel asked ironically.

He sat on the guest sofa comfortably as if he was in his own living room, with his legs and arms spread in the most comfortable position he managed. Noticing Cassandra's face slowly changed, he couldn't help but flash a piece of triumph in his eyes.

'My dear ex-wife, I don't believe that you trust that bastard completely, ' he thought.

The fact of the matter was, Cassandra didn't really believe what Rufus told her the other day. She had lost consciousness and couldn't remember a thing. She had no other choice.

Besides, David's design was taken away by Rufus too, and the residual payment was made. The case was completed, but she still couldn't figure out what really happened and she was curious about it.

"If you want to know, I can tell you, but I have one condition. You need to come to the dance party in three days, as my partner," Lionel proposed.

There was a wicked and self-satisfied smile on the corner of his lips, as he believed that Cassandra would agree to his demands.

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