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   Chapter 184 Passionate Kisses

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Rufus might have been physically close to Amanda, but now to her, he felt so distant—he was there but he wasn't really there.

She gazed at Rufus's handsome face, feeling something break inside her.

It was clear to everyone now, not just Horace, that Rufus was avoiding Amanda.

Since he was a member of the Tang family, the very least he could do was be polite to Amanda who was a guest of Horace's.

However, Rufus could care less. He knew very well that Amanda was only here to make herself look good to his family. It was quite obvious that almost everyone else too knew.

In fact, Rufus had changed over the years and he'd stopped loving her a long time ago.

Suddenly, Rufus's phone buzzed—it was a message from Cassandra.

"I'm already at the Garden Villa. I'm okay. Don't worry about me," the message read.

Rufus's face broke into a smile of relief, something Amanda didn't miss.

It needed not be mentioned that Rufus lit up at the sight of Cassandra's message. And as for Amanda? She had bent over backwards trying to get a smile out of Rufus but to no avail.

Amanda scanned the table carefully looking at each person on the table as she racked her mind for ideas. Horace was growing old so he was obviously just interested in the benefits that came with her. Jill obviously knew nothing about music but she insisted on getting involved. Horace probably set her to this so Amanda could grow to like the family. And as for Lionel and Ivy…

Amanda had been secretly watching them and she realized that there was no love at all between the two.

She heard that Ivy had been having an affair with Lionel for years. Ivy tried to set Cassandra up by falling down the stairs on purpose and hurting her baby. She set this up so that Cassandra would get kicked out, making an opening for her to take Cassandra's place. But her plan failed miserably—even though Cassandra ended up divorcing Lionel, Lionel still didn't ask her to marry him. While she was living in the Tang house, she and Lionel weren't together legally. She must have been massively bitter.

Amanda watched them all closely before coming to a decision in her mind. She put on the fakest smile she could and said to Ivy, "Miss Luo, I heard that you majored in administration management in college. My office is short of hands now. May I have the honor to invite you to work in my company?"

Amanda made the offer to Ivy.

That was just too shocked for Ivy to comprehend what Amanda had said to her in a short time. She had been depending on Lionel since she graduated and never worked before. She had lived an extravagant life thanks to Lionel and probably she'd already forgotten all the skills she learned in college. Why did Amanda offer her a job? That was just too amazi

past. He would never treat her like how he did today.

The light cast a shadow over Rufus's sharp and angled face. His eyes were dark and emotionless.

Amanda remained where she stood—under the pear tree. From afar, she gazed at Rufus as she swore under her breath, 'I'll prove it to you, Rufus. You'll be mine again someday. We'll be together again.

I'll make you fall in love with me again!'

By the time Cassandra arrived home, she still felt a bit light-headed. She took a very quick shower and went straight to bed.

That night, she had a dream.

She had a dream about Rufus.

Suddenly, she woke up.

When she woke up, Cassandra thought she was still dreaming because a pair of arms had been enveloped around her and a heavy breathing filled her ears.

Rufus sensed she'd woken up so he whispered in her ear, "What woke you up? Do you need some loving?"

His face broke into a huge smile before he kissed Cassandra on the lips fervently.

He arrived later than Cassandra did. She'd already been sleeping by the time he got in the room so he slid next to her in the bed and wrapped her in his arms.

But when she woke again around dawn, he was nowhere to be seen.

Cassandra felt a bit disappointed. She just wanted to be with him day in and day out without any interruption.

She held a difficult position with the Tang family so if she and Rufus were married, it would take a while before they could adjust.

Cassandra lifted her head to peek through the window and glimpse the two Chinese parasol trees brought by Rufus. A light smile played on her lips as she murmured quietly to herself, 'These trees grow together, share the sunlight with one another, and stand through the storm together until the end.

Rufus, I hope we'll share our lives the same way they do. I don't ever want to be apart from you.'

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