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   Chapter 183 I Couldn't Remember

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"You'd better keep your mouth shut if you have no proof at all,"

Rufus said as he casually settled himself on the couch. With his legs crossed, he looked calmly at Lionel who was desperately furious.

Thankfully, Cassandra was now awake. The sharp quarrel just outside her room baffled her and began to hurt her ears.

Looking around, she realized that she was lying in a bed of a completely unknown room. She didn't know what was going on and why she was here.

Managing to sit herself up, Cassandra massaged her temples to help herself recall what had happened.

She remembered that she was talking about her design with David. Her memory, however, was quite limited that she failed to recollect what happened next.

Where was she? Why was she sleeping here? She had no idea about that.

Cassandra forced herself to stand up and walked unsteadily toward the door.

As she opened the door, she saw Rufus sitting on the couch as calm as he had always been, and beside him was the already red-faced Lionel who was staring at Rufus with eyes full of rage. Apparently, the argument that she had heard when she woke up was from them. Cassandra was wondering when the two unfriendly brothers had got together.

Seeing Cassandra approaching, the two men unanimously turned their eyes towards her.

"You're awake?"

Rufus asked as he stood up quickly and walked toward Cassandra to support her. He held Cassandra by the arm and walked her to the couch.

Cassandra sat by Rufus's side on the couch and gently rested her head on Rufus's shoulder. Lionel disdained the scene and looked at them with a feeling of discomfort rising in his heart.

Cassandra was his former wife. Despite the fact that it was he who divorced her on his own initiative by signing the divorce agreement with her, it still felt awkward seeing her acting that way with Rufus.

Their relationship was clearly evident and they were showing it openly in front of Lionel. His temper rose at the thought that she was having an affair with Rufus, his half-brother!

"It seems that I fainted. What happened? And where is David? I remember I was talking with him,"

Cassandra inquired, noticing the papers on the table.

"You fainted from having a low blood sugar. David is quite satisfied with your design, but he was so careless that he left the papers here. I'll arrange for someone to send it to him,"

Rufus answered her questions calmly without taking his eyes off from her.

"Then why are you here? And why is Lionel here too?"

Cassandra continued asking because her doubts were not completely cleared yet. Rufus and Lionel were both here, which gave her an assumption that there could be something wrong and it could not be that simple.

"I happened to call you at that time. David answered the phone and told me what happened,"

Rufus replied. He had expected that Cassandra would ask so, therefore he made a call to her phone before she could gain consciousness again. He believed that the call log would support his story.

Lionel knew that Rufus made up such a story trying to hide the truth from Cassandra. Judging from the expressions on her face, Lionel's heart softened when he saw Cassandra in such a confused state.

Lionel himself didn't know what exactly happened, but he was sure that Rufus was not telling the truth. He could easily tell that David was not a good guy, and Cloris had something to do with what had happened. Rufus rebuked her seriously. What on earth did Cloris do to Cassandra that made Rufus so angry? Why didn't he tell her the truth? What was he trying to hide from her?

Accepting Rufus's answer, Cassandra asked no further. With an awkward tone, she then turned her eyes to Lionel and asked coldly,

nkfully, Ivy started to play her role as a social butterfly. "Miss Ke, I heard that you have been selected by the government as the spokesperson of the tourism industrial area of G City. The government also wants to choose another spokesperson from the outstanding native enterprise representatives. Did they ask you for some recommendations?"

Ivy started a conversation that she knew would boost Amanda's pride. She knew that Amanda couldn't resist such flattery.

With such a topic fitting in exactly with her wishes, Amanda replied at once with a cheerful tone, "Yes, the government plans to select a young entrepreneur from those leading companies in G City. They hope that the spokesperson could show the city's tolerance for new things as well as its adherence to the tradition. So I guess they want to choose a young man from an experienced company."

While speaking, Amanda was secretly glancing at Rufus to see his reaction.

"The Tang Group and the Dawn Star Group are the two leading companies in G City. Both companies participated in the construction of the tourism industrial area. Lionel is the vice president of the Tang Group and is also a representative of young entrepreneurs. He is a qualified candidate. Don't you think so?"

Ivy responded smilingly, with a selfish motive of recommending Lionel.

Actually, Amanda didn't agree with Ivy, but she still wore a proper smile and answered flatteringly, "Of course, Mr. Tang would make an excellent spokesperson. I would recommend him to the government. But, eventually, it's up to the government to make the final decision."

Amanda rebutted Ivy skillfully. Deep inside her, she thought that she would definitely not say a word for Lionel to the government, because she had her own favorite, Rufus.

However, Rufus was quite unresponsive with their conversation. In the whole course, he just sat there eating silently, not giving even a glance at Amanda.

"Mr. Luo, I am a believer of a saying that great wits have short memories. It seemed that you fail to remember me, right?"

Amanda asked directly. Since Rufus refused to talk with her and pretended not to know her, she decided to take the initiative.

Rufus slowly raised his head, shot a short look at Amanda, and then said dryly, "I couldn't remember."

Hearing his reply, Amanda's smile froze on her face.

What did he mean by those three simple words? What did he forget? Did he forget everything about her or the fact that they had been lovers?

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