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   Chapter 182 You Are Behind All Of This

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A slight smirk of triumph hung on Horace's mouth. Rufus knew he must have a trick up his sleeve.

He had intended to leave Rufus and Amanda alone in the living room so that sparks might start to fly between them.

But he was mistaken. While Lionel was faultlessly obedient to him, Rufus would never allow himself to be ordered about.

Rufus stood quietly, his eyes never leaving Horace, watching for his next move.

"Miss Ke, I'm so sorry to have missed your last concert. I was feeling quite under the weather. I heard it was a great success, congratulations,"

Ivy exclaimed. She hoped her enthusiasm would hide her dismay that she had in fact, not been invited to the concert.

"Oh, that's fine. Thank you, Mrs. Tang." Amanda said. "I have decided to settle down in G City. Holding concerts is only minor; but it's imperative when it comes to running a piano school. Actually, I want to discuss the construction project with you, Mr. Luo, in the coming days. When do you have time?"

Amanda tilted her head in Rufus's direction, waiting for his answer.

"Lionel is in charge of this, not me,"

Rufus answered indifferently, his face expressionless.

And he wasn't lying. It was Lionel who had signed his name on the contract and was responsible for this project. Rufus did not want to get involved at all.

Amanda was stunned. She knew very well that Rufus was deliberately trying to keep her at a distance.

"From what I've been told, Lionel is busy. He is already responsible for several projects in the tourism industrial area,"

Amanda continued, keeping up the pressure. She felt bad as Rufus rejected her in front of others, but she didn't want him to feel any animosity from her. Clearly, winning his heart back would take more patience.

"Well, speaking of Lionel. Why hasn't he come back yet? Ivy, have you called him and let him know we have a distinguished guest waiting and he should hurry back?"

Jill who had been watching the group obsequiously suddenly realized that Lionel had yet to return although it was already dark.

"Maybe he is still busy with his work,"

Ivy made an excuse. She had called Lionel several times, but he hadn't answered. She grew anxious, not knowing what he was doing.

"Miss Ke, my wife is a fan of yours. She has enjoyed all the music you play,"

Horace tried to change the subject, buttering Amanda up with his sweet talk.

Jill gladly joined in, eager to discuss her 'newfound hobby' with Amanda after cramming for piano music recently.

Horace had told Jill that Amanda had a good relationship with the government officials in G City, but stayed quiet about the investor's expectations. He was hoping that she could put in a good word for them. Jill and Ivy complimented Amanda desperately; while Amanda just smiled, throwing shy glances over to Rufus from time to time.

To the untrained eye, you wouldn't be able to catch the tension that hung above the room. But looking around, everyone in the room had their own axe

t agony to be betrayed by your own family. Rufus knew it for himself, and he desperately wanted to keep Cassandra away from such pain.

As Cloris rushed out of the room, Lionel finally found his words.

"I sent the security guards outside away. Now tell me what happened."

Lionel stared at Rufus, his eyebrows raised expectantly.

"You don't need to know."

Rufus's heart was breaking more as he thought about the sadness tinged with Cassandra's childhood, and continued to do so now.

"Fine. If you don't tell me, I will ask Cassandra myself,"

Lionel said defiantly, hoping he might see Rufus waver, but he was disappointed.

"Lionel, mind your own business and behave yourself. Don't poke your nose into things that do not concern you."

Rufus always treated Lionel like a child. A flash of disdain came through him.

"Rufus, Cassandra is my ex-wife. You cannot do this. This is incest!"

Lionel pushed, with unexpected violence in his tone. He couldn't stand Rufus's continued arrogance.

"As you said, she's your ex-wife. Since you have divorced each other, it's not an incest anymore,"

Rufus retorted with laissez-faire. The veil of charm on his handsome face hid a deep sense of contempt for this sad man.

"Fine. I'll go dig into it. I will figure out what you're up to."

Lionel's finger pointed right at Rufus's nose, his glare fuelled by his anger.

Rufus carefully pushed Lionel's finger away from his face, a look of sympathy in his eyes.

"Since you've got so much time on your hands, why don't you think about how you're going to tackle the projects in the industrial area? The marketing department has been a mess since coming under your leadership."

Rufus's cruel words touched a nerve in Lionel.

He knew as well as Rufus that his recent projects had been taken off him, either by the Dawn Star Group or by the Qin Group. Filled to the brim with frustration, Lionel stamped his foot and roared, "Shut up, Rufus! I know you are behind all of this!"

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