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   Chapter 181 Amanda's Visit

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Lionel trailed Cassandra inconspicuously. He quietly followed her in as he saw her enter the hotel.

It had been an hour since Cassandra entered the room; and yet, she had not been out. Lionel started to grow impatient.

What was taking her so long? Was there something wrong?

Lionel decided to knock. Before he could, he saw a familiar figure walking towards the room from another direction.

It was a woman in a pink dress. She stood at an average height and was wearing a huge pair of sunglasses that hid most parts of her face. Still, it was evident that she was pretty with her tiny nose and plump lips.

That was Cloris! Now, Lionel was confused. 'What's she doing here?' he wondered.

Cloris walked towards the room that Cassandra went into. She knocked and David opened it to let her in.

"How's everything going?"

Cloris asked, taking her sunglasses off. There was cold arrogance in her eyes.

"She fainted. Everything went well,"

David replied confidently at the job well-done.

Cloris walked to the bedroom and saw Cassandra lying on the bed. She looked fast asleep. A sneer appeared on her face.

"I'll do it myself. You can leave now!"

Cloris said, tilting her head. David signaled to remind her of his payment and she took the hint immediately.

Cloris took out an envelope from her bag and handed it to him.

"Here's the money we've agreed on. Take it. If anyone asks you about it, you know nothing!" she instructed.

Cloris worked hard to make sure this plan would be realized. She managed to contact Mr. Wang using David's connections and had him earn Cassandra's trust. Later, she lured Cassandra here using the name of Mr. Wang. The thought that she would finally have revenge on Cassandra made Cloris very happy.

She closed the door after David left the room and stared at her sister with hatred.

'You asked for it, bitch!' she cursed in her heart.

Cloris went abroad to study after the Spring Festival and called Arthur as soon as she managed to settle down. Unfortunately, the man who had been so considerate to her suddenly became so distant.

"Arthur, why didn't you answer my call?"

Cloris asked when she finally managed to reach him.

"I've been busy in the business these days,"

he answered absent-mindedly.

"Everything is new to me here. I miss you so much and I've texted you a lot. But you never text me back,"

Cloris complained, frowning. She felt like something was wrong with Arthur but she did not have the heart to ask why.

"Told you, I'm busy,"

he replied, a little irritated.

"Are you hiding something from me?"

Cloris asked, unable to stand it anymore. She went straight to the point.

"You are thinking too much,"

Arthur replied dismissively. It was clear that he was not in the mood to talk and he didn't care to

sisters. She had lived a better life than Cassandra before their father went to jail. She had been the apple of her parents' eye. But now, she was unable to go back to her own home and her boyfriend broke up with her. She lost her backbone and there was no one she could rely on anymore!

'Cassandra! Cassandra! It's all your fault!' roared Cloris in her mind.

She gritted her teeth and glared at Cassandra lying on the bed. Then, she reached out and started to remove her clothes.

In the villa of the Tang family, Rufus was surprised to find a guest in the living room when he came home.

She smiled brightly with big eyes and a pretty face. It was Amanda. She chatted with Jill and Ivy happily.

Rufus frowned a bit upon seeing her. Why was Amanda here?

He planned to go to his room discretely but Jill greeted him unexpectedly, which was something very unusual.

"Rufus, we have a guest. Come and greet!"

Jill beckoned to Rufus. He paused for a while but finally walked to the ladies.

Amanda fixed her eyes on Rufus the moment he entered the house.

He was always handsome and masculine. Even though he looked to be quite impatient now, Amanda felt her heart still beat fast for him.

"Nice to see you again, Mr. Luo," she remarked.

Amanda was always elegant in public. People could hardly imagine the sadness she kept inside.

Rufus extended his hand and shook hers politely. Then, he excused himself saying, "Forgive me, I'm afraid I have to go to the study to deal with some business."

Noticing that Horace was not in the living room, Rufus inferred that he must be in the study and decided that it was a good excuse to leave.

"Were you going to talk to me? We can talk later. No business tonight. It's my honor to receive Miss Ke home,"

said Horace who suddenly walked to the living room from the study with a smile on his handsome face.

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