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   Chapter 180 A Fight With Lionel

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 9511

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Things at work seemed to be picking up just when Cassandra returned to the company.

Mr. Wang brought several friends to Qin Group and recommended Cassandra to take on a few projects for them.

"Mr. Wang spoke highly of Manager Qin's working ethic and recommended your company to us. Don't let us down!" a client remarked as he signed the contract with Cassandra.

She was on a roll. It almost seemed like she was already used to getting such demands.

"Rest assured that we will do our best to satisfy every client!"

Cassandra replied confidently, which made the client smile with content.

With this momentum and word-of-mouth among clients, Qin Group should be able to move past its current financial predicament pretty soon.

Right after the client left, someone else came knocking on the door, looking for trouble instead of business.

"Cassandra, come out here!"

Cassandra knitted her eyebrows when she heard the familiar voice obnoxiously shouting from the cubicle outside the office.

"Manager Qin, there's a man out there causing trouble. Should we ask security to kick him out?"

the assistant asked her through the slightly opened door, looking distraught.

"No, it's someone I know. Send him in,"

Cassandra replied as she calmly put away her papers.

Lionel kicked open the door of her office, stormed in and stood in front of her desk.

"You have some nerve snatching away clients from Tang Group. Who gave you the right to do that, huh? Are you out of your mind?"

Lionel glared, his face full of indignation.

As it turned out, Mr. Wang and the other clients who recently signed their contracts with Cassandra were Lionel's old clients. When he found out that their most recent works were signed with Cassandra, he fumed with anger thinking that Cassandra was deliberately trying to sabotage him.

Stunned, Cassandra looked at the angry Lionel who almost looked like a rabid monster.

"Lionel, you don't have proof to back up that accusation," she answered.

She wasn't intimidated by Lionel. She kept her head up while staring at him, unfazed.

"Proof? You need proof? The clients you signed were all Tang Group's and I was the one who personally signed them before. We have been working together for a long time. Why else would they end their contracts with Tang Group when you left and turn to Qin Group immediately? Isn't that good enough proof?"

Lionel boomed as he pounded the desk with his fist.

Cassandra sneered at his attempt to blame her for his own failure.

"If your clients ran away, you should look yourself in the mirror first instead of yelling in front of me. Don't you feel embarrassed? As the Vice President of Tang Group, isn't it degrading for you to come here and accuse our little company of doing you wrong? If you really believe that I have something illega

suit with an amiable smile on his face.

"Manager Qin, right? Hello, I'm David, assistant to Tom. I'm here to represent him,"

he said as he ushered Cassandra into the room. There seemed to be no one else in the two-bedroom suite.

"Is Tom not coming?"

Cassandra felt a little confused because she had previously signed an agreement with Tom.

"Tom has already returned home because of other business, and I've been tasked to check the design draft for him,"

David replied, smiling infectiously. He led Cassandra to the sofa and poured her a glass of water.

"Mr. Wang bridged our company to yours and our design team has been working day and night on this project. I have reviewed everything and there is no problem with it. I think Tom will be satisfied,"

Cassandra said as she handed the design draft to David. She picked up the glass of water and drank.

A satisfied glimmer of light flashed across David's eyes, but he still looked through the design with a smile on his face.

"It is not easy to run a company alone. You are such a strong woman,"

David remarked as he absent-mindedly scanned through the pages. It was obvious that he was looking for something to talk about with Cassandra.

Meeting David for the first time, Cassandra did not know how to react to his comment. She gave him an awkward smile in response.

"I am managing it on behalf of my father. When my sister graduates, she will join me in running the company,"

she shared as she drank another mouthful of water and wondered why David kept talking to her about unrelated things instead of inspecting the draft.

Suddenly, Cassandra felt dizzy. She shook her head slightly, thinking it was an illusion.

"Is something wrong, Manager Qin?"

David asked with concern.

Cassandra looked at him and found that her vision began to blur. A feeling of despair enveloped her whole body!

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