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   Chapter 179 Mr. CEO

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"Please rest assured that I will personally settle the matter between Rufus and Amanda as soon as possible,"

Horace spoke in a respectful tone. It was rather strange that the owner of Tang Group, the most powerful real estate company in G City, presented himself in such a manner.

"Then we will have the money prepared and look forward to your good news,"

a raspy voice replied. Then, a loud beep sounded as he hung up the call.

Horace rubbed his forehead to analyze the information he had just received.

During the concert, Amanda proposed that the Tang Group would be taking over the construction of the new piano academy. She even invited Rufus to sign the contract already. This was somewhat peculiar as it showed that the two had some sort of past and could have been more than just friends.

Horace did not have much background information on Amanda. But based on what he deduced, as a female pianist who had been acknowledged internationally, she would have very powerful supporters.

It was highly possible that this group of investors were closely related to her.

It could be further concluded, from the ambiguous attitude of Amanda towards Rufus during the concert the other night, that the person she mentioned about to make her stay in G City was none other than Rufus himself.

With that in his mind, Horace knew that if he wanted the investment from their group to strengthen his own company, he should do everything in his power so that these two would marry each other.

Meanwhile, in Amanda's new studio in G City, there was an internal call for her coming from her assistant.

"Miss Ke, the Chairman of Tang Group is coming in for a visit, but he does not have any appointment set for today."

Amanda was actually browsing the news on the internet when she heard the call and it startled her a bit.

'The Chairman of Tang Group, Horace Tang is here? Isn't he out of our dealings with the Tang Group? Why would he come here?' she wondered.

"Ask him to come in!" Amanda ordered.

This was Rufus's father coming in and she was not ready for him. Amanda stood up and straightened her clothes as best as she could before her guest arrived in her office.

Just a few seconds later, Horace was led into the office by her assistant.

He was wearing a conservative dark business suit and looked spirited despite his old age. With an amiable smile, he greeted Amanda, "Miss Ke, I would like to apologize for visiting you without any prior arrangement."

Horace held a warm smile as he spoke. He seemed very friendly and for some reason she felt at ease to converse with him.

But, Amanda knew that he was the head of the Tang Group. No matter how harmless or amiable he appeared on the surface, she knew that nothing was as simple as it seemed.

"Mr. Tang, you do not have to apologize for anything. Tang Group is my biggest partner in G City. It is my honor to have you here!"

Amanda replied and smiled politely.

"Speaking of partnership, I have come to discuss our business today. May I know if the timeline for the construction is ready?"

Horace asked with a smile as well.

During the concert, Lionel was the one who went up the stage and signed the contract on behalf of the Tang Group. Rufus then reminded Horace that Amanda might not have the proper legal documents signed by the government, so the Tang Group had not started any discussion ab

rs, so she tried to probe deeper, "May I know whether your company is going to support the rebuilding work afterwards?"

Though the question had become a bit awkward, she wasn't ready to give up just yet.

"Sure," answered Rufus.

Again, his answer was short. The reporter realized that there was nothing much she could obtain from this man, so she withdrew the microphone in quiet embarrassment.

This was one of the top videos for the day, just because of Rufus's stern way of answering and the reporter's silly way of asking. While everyone else were laughing at the interview, Amanda gritted her teeth, and her eyes were blazing with fire and jealousy.

'Cassandra is helping out in the disaster-struck A City with Rufus? No wonder I can't find him anywhere in this city!

I thought he was overseas to resolve certain issues for TY Group, but I couldn't have imagined that he actually went to A City with Cassandra doing volunteer work!' she exclaimed to herself.

As she searched related news, Amanda found out some hot comments.

"This handsome guy is the CEO of Tang Group, the largest real estate company of G City. He is cute, wealthy and most important of all, single!" "Don't miss out the chance to be the female lead in the story—Mr. CEO Falling in Love with Me. Girls, volunteer in A City. Quick!"

"He is sweet, handsome, and rich! Please take me, Mr. CEO!"

"Oh honey, you are so cute! I love you already!"

"This is a rich guy! He is so unique. I can't believe such a person ever exists around us!"

Rufus became an overnight sensation after his clips of volunteering in A City were shown all over the country. The fervent crowd then started to research more about this young CEO which spiked the number of searches for the Tang Group.

From what Amanda knew of Rufus, he wouldn't be bothered by these kind of rumors. However... Sometimes, the bias of the rumors can be a subtle thing, which she decided to make use of.

A sly grin crept up her cheeks. She randomly created a web account and typed away.

After she sent out her message online, Amanda picked up her phone to make a call.

"Is this Business Newspaper? You know that Mr. CEO being talked about lately? I have a great piece of information for you about him!"

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