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   Chapter 177 Never Lost Her Again

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In spite of the situation being so chaotic, Cassandra couldn't turn a blind eye to Rufus's charm. She stood spellbound as she observed the dust stick to his carved face.

Soon she realized this was not the right time or the right place to be captivated by Rufus's look. In order to peel her eyes off from his handsomeness, Cassandra turned around and began to follow the rescue team to the next disaster site. On the other hand, Rufus was swiftly unloading the boxes of water and instant noddles from the car.

This experience meant a great deal to Cassandra and Rufus. They were beyond happy to be working together for a good cause. Somehow doing it together seemed like taking their relationship to the next level. It was like they had been through thick and thin together.

Rufus squinted and looked at another building not far away from him. Cassandra was analyzing the situation along with the rescue team in front of the building. She seemed very engaged and was pointing her fingers to the building while talking to other rescue team members.

"Cassandra, don't you dare think of leaving me again!"

Rufus murmured to himself.

When he first heard that Cassandra was gone, he was beyond worried. Panic had engulfed Rufus from every corner. Victor informed him that Cassandra had packed her luggage and left the Garden Villa. He was also informed where she was headed. His first reaction was fury which was soon replaced by worry. Rufus realized he couldn't stand a second without knowing if Cassandra was safe.

Horace had been still resting in the hospital ward. It was his responsibility to care for him until Lionel would show up there. He repressed his urge to find Cassandra for the time being.

As soon as his duty was over, Rufus dashed for the A City. On his way, he noticed the road was filled with vehicles carrying the patients. It wasn't easy for him to reach his destination. On top of that, he could see the casualty rates had amplified. The radio in his car confirmed all his worries. He realized how bad the situation actually was and sped his car to get there faster. Sweating with anxiety, he prayed for the well-being of the woman he was in love with.

'Why is she so damn reckless! Before bringing the staffs to A City, why didn't she consider talking to me?' his mind uttered with frustration. Inside his mind, Rufus swore he would teach her a lesson once he found her.

But what was buried behind his anger was anguish. In truth he had no idea if she was alive. In order to get this thought out of his mind, he was covering it up with anger. He had been using anger as his defense mechanism.

When he noticed that her car was parked near the city hall, Rufus thought he had finally found her. But on further inquiry he was told that she had indeed gone to A City.

This piece of information heightened his concern. For a split second he had wished that Cassandra wouldn't be inside the city.

With a heavy heart, he made his way to the disaster area. It was done very quickly as he had no difficulty getting inside. Without wasting any time, Rufus inquired about Cassandra but nobody seemed to have the details that could enlighten him. As he was passing by a school playground, a voice reverberated from the radio and made his heart beat faster. 'She was here!' he thought with resolution. She was looking for her friend Maggie's uncle. This was a pure stroke of luck and he internally celebrated.

He expectantly stood in front of the school gate and waited for Cassandra's arrival. Once he saw her, his heart finally relaxed. Instead of addressing her right away, he decided to follow her.

As he tailed behind Cassandra, Rufus overheard her conversation with Dylon. When he heard the whole story, he was overcome with mixed emotions.

He wondered how the woman he loved so dearly could have been so brash. 'Why did she insist on accompanying the rescue team? Is she not aware how dangerous it is?

What about the people she cares about? If something happened to her, what would h

eas tortured Cassandra. She bit her lips and hoped they would find his family as soon as possible.

Just when she was praying, the rescue dog barked. They began digging the ground below them. The rescue team grabbed their equipments and ran to the area where the dog stood. The light flashed and the equipments beeped, showing signs of life.

Knowing she had to be quick, Cassandra immediately gave her commands. She told the team how to dig, what direction to focus and what direction to avoid. In a matter of minutes, she carefully filled them with her plan.

This building was at great risk of collapsing so she advised them to be very careful.

The team started their work and the concrete foundation brackets were exposed in the air soon.

It was a corner in the bathroom, a safe place to cover oneself during an earthquake. The man's wife seemed to have some common sense and this knowledge relieved Cassandra.

The team moved the bricks and a figure came to their view.

"There she is! There she is!"

The man was delighted to see his wife. He wanted to step forward but he was held back by the team.

They looked at the woman, standing. She bowed and squatted on the ground. Her head was hit by a stone. As a result, the whole area was drenched in blood.

The wound on her head had turned into a scab. It looked like she had remained in that position for long. Her wound was intense and everyone knew she had very little chance to survive.

Everyone present on the scene held their breath in anticipation. They were anxious and worried. A member in the rescue team brought his equipment and walked toward the woman. He put his index finger under her nose and felt her breath. Shaking his head, he looked back at the others.

After receiving this sad news, everyone remained silent. Earlier there was hope, but now the atmosphere become mournful. Cassandra lost her balance and almost fell onto the ground, but Rufus held her.

Today she was full of hope since she watched five people survive. But this woman's death changed it all.

While he was about to move her body, the rescue man observed her hands were tightly bound over something. He squatted and tried to see what it was. As he removed her hands, he let out a scream, "I've got the baby!"

The baby was in deep sleep. His face was bereft of any wound. He was tucked safely in his mother's arms.

The sight sent shivers down Cassandra's spine. She couldn't fathom it.

After standing agape for a few minutes, she finally comprehended what had happened. 'The woman sacrificed her life to save her baby, ' her mind perceived. Cassandra felt a tenderness towards this woman and her motherly love.

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