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   Chapter 176 To Love You

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Hearing the very familiar voice from behind, Cassandra couldn't believe her ears.

The voice was low yet sweet, the sexy laziness on it was so persistent that it lingered through Cassandra's senses. It was the voice that would melt her heart every time she heard it.

Longing to see the face that bore the voice, Cassandra slowly turned around and saw Rufus standing behind her. Her eyes betrayed the mix of emotions she felt upon seeing him, she suddenly felt excited and wanted to wrap him around her arms.

"Ru... Rufus... Why are you here?"

Cassandra could hear her voice trembled as she asked Rufus. He was so unpredictable and she was not expecting him to be here, thus she didn't know what to say or how to react.

'How could it be possible? Hasn't he been staying in G City all this time? Is he supposed to be mad with me after assuming that Dylon and I had an intimate relationship?

Haven't we already broke up by the misunderstanding? Are we in a cold war because neither of us would speak first? Why did he suddenly show up?' These questions baffled Cassandra. She wanted to ask Rufus for answers so as to clear her heavy head, however, looking at his face, she deemed it wise to just stay silent.

Driving on her way to A City, whenever she saw a miserable scene caused by the tragic earthquake, Cassandra was relieved to think that Rufus was not with her to witness all of these.

For some reasons, she didn't want Rufus to see such incidents because it would break Rufus's heart seeing so many innocent people suffering. Cassandra knew that despite his strong personality Rufus had a soft spot for victims of calamities like this.

There were too many casualties reported around the earthquake-affected region. People were gnashing and weeping along the streets, mourning for the loss of their loved ones. When one saw too many deaths, he would be miserable at first but would become gradually insensitive in the end. Cassandra could take it all but she didn't want Rufus to withstand any of it, not at all.

Cassandra knew that Rufus was a much deeper person compared to her. She didn't want him to see any scene of suffering, anything miserable.

"You don't have to go in. You can stay outside and give us instructions on what to do with the help of the real-time cameras."

The rescuers immediately handed the communication devices to Cassandra when they heard that Cassandra could help them rescue the survivors.

"This is the headset. This one is the walkie-talkie. And with this, you can view our exploration in real time on the screen. You can tell us the way through the walkie-talkie until we find the survivors trapped inside the building."

The rescuer talked a-mile-a-minute in giving instructions to Cassandra and looked at her with a stern face when he finished. He assumed that she followed him along the way.

"Did you get it? Again, we thank you and appreciate your help! It really matters to the people here."

With that, the rescuers turned around and walked inside the building. Cassandra looked down at the devices on her hand. She put on the headset, checked on the walkie-talkie and wiped off the dusty screen of the hand-held monitor.

"Walk to the left. There is a weak spot on the right. It will collapse easily. The path to the left will take you a little longer but it is safer.

This is a corridor. The security room should be on the edge of the corridor. Go straight!"


was as same as hers—resolution.

"We'll share cold spells, storms, and thunder.

We'll share mists, hazes, and rainbows.

Seemingly always apart, but also forever interdependent.

Only this can be a great love.

The loyalty is here:

I love not only your strapping stature, but also your firm stand, the earth beneath you..."

Cassandra slowly and endearingly recited the poem 'To the Oak Tree' to Rufus. "Did you remember that too, Rufus?" she asked.

"To love you, I won't only love you but also the things you insist. My dear Cassandra," Rufus adding, beaming with softness.

Cassandra felt relieved. This moment was so romantic and her happiness was so genuine; she couldn't help tears of joy from falling down her eyes.

The conflicts between them, no matter they were misunderstandings or truths, were now wiped out. Maybe that was how it was when you truly loved someone.

All they knew this time was they trusted each other, they protected each other, they stared at each other, and most especially they were made for each other.

Ambulances and emergency convoys around them came and left. Cries were everywhere.

Cassandra took a deep breath and turned around to continue helping the rescuers. Rufus stayed beside her.

"Hello. My name is Cassandra Qin. I am an architectural designer. Since I learned much about the buildings, I hope I could be a volunteer to help you here!"

Cassandra looked at the rescuers with a firm and persistent face, eager to help them out.

"Okay, go with Dr. Tong and work with us. Welcome to the team and thank you for being a volunteer."

They just witnessed and recognized the professional performance of Cassandra. They were thankful to welcome her when they heard that she would stay to help.

Cassandra turned around and showed Rufus an 'OK' gesture. Rufus smiled at her with his hands in the pockets.

Amidst the land of disturbance, the clouds of dust, the cries surrounding them, Rufus's smile was like a beam of sunlight that lightened up everything for Cassandra.

"Oh, Rufus, you're my Apollo. You're the sunshine of my life. You are my hero!" Cassandra mused herself.

Both of them were staring at each other in the midst of the turmoil and chaos. They gave each other the firmest belief and the truest heart.

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