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   Chapter 175 I'll Go With Her

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Cassandra was the person Dylon least expected to see here. The situation had been so dangerous, with aftershocks seizing the location every other minute. It boggled him how Cassandra managed to drive up here despite the risk.

"I can't go back now. I need to find Maggie's uncle and his family!"

Cassandra said stubbornly.

Dylon looked at Maggie whose eyes were red and swollen. Her hand was being held by Cassandra tightly. He frowned slightly before answering, "Park the car at the town hall nearby and get on the ambulance with us!"

Dylon pointed at the vehicle he just got out of.

Cassandra smiled at him, grateful with his offer.

"Thank you so much, Dylon!" she exclaimed as she hurried over to the car and drove towards the town hall.

Once she was done, she and Maggie ran to the ambulance and rode with Dylon on the way to A City. Everything was in ruins. The roads were all destroyed, and buildings kept crumbling apart.

"My team was dispatched to the site near the home of Maggie's uncle. You two can come with us. But you must follow me closely,"

Dylon explained to Cassandra and Maggie. They had started to formulate a plan just to ensure all their safeties.

Maggie's uncle lived near the school, where he and his wife worked as teachers.

The house was crumbling and bound to fall any time soon. It was just a good thing that her uncle and his family weren't there. However, some necessities in the house were gone.

Cassandra noted that the towels and quilt were gone. "Your uncle must've come back to take them out somewhere else. Don't worry, Maggie. They probably went to an emergency shelter nearby,"

Cassandra reassured. Maggie's face softened upon hearing her manager's words.

"Thank you, Manager Qin. I'll go and search around in a bit. I saw some tents by the playground when we passed,"

Maggie said excitedly, trying to look for a few supplies before heading out herself. Cassandra followed suit.

The playground was crowded with people. Maggie searched around several times but failed to see her uncle and his family.

Cassandra, however, was determined to find him. She took Maggie to the broadcast station and asked the broadcaster to page Maggie's uncle for them over the loudspeaker.

It only took a few minutes until a middle-aged man peered out of one of the tents. Maggie immediately recognized him and ran towards the tent. The man smiled as she rushed over to him.

"Maggie! What are you doing here?"

The man's eyes were watering from happiness. He never would have expected for Maggie to appear in A City.


Maggie immediately ran into her uncle's arms and wailed. She was so happy to see him!

Cassandra stood aside and felt a lump in her throat. It was so precious to see this family reunion. She revelled in the comforting feeling of bringing the family together, trying to dispel the ache in her heart because she knew that this would never happen to her.

Neither her father, Vernon, nor her mother, Edith, was the type to hug her that way.

Maggie's voice rang her out of her thoughts. "Uncle, this is Manager Qin. She came with me all the way to A City to search for you!"

Maggie beamed at Cassandra gleefully.

Maggie's uncle was a stout old man who had a kind face and a gentle stature. He wore a pair of glasses to frame his face, whi

tal rods that protruded out of the building. Her face was flushed with excitement.

"So, you know how it's designed?"

Dylon asked, slowly catching up with Cassandra's gleeful insights. His hopes seemed to grow higher upon hearing her confident explanation.

"Yes! Yes I do! I was still studying in Rome then. My professor used it as an example during one of his lectures. His grandfather designed it himself!"

Cassandra clapped her hands and shoved Dylon away from sheer zest as she revelled in her memories.

"Could you go talk to the team! Let me go with them. I can lead them to the security office safely,"

Cassandra said, not really waiting for Dylon's response as she started to walk towards the men. Dylon, however, caught her wrist with his hand and tugged at her hand to make her stay.

"No. You are not going inside. It's too dangerous!"

Cassandra narrowed her eyes at him, bewildered. She was their best chance to get in and out safely, and Dylon didn't want to risk it.

"Time is of the essence, Dylon! The longer we wait out here, the more dangerous it'll be inside. I need to go with them! I swear I know this building. It will not collapse. I trust the architect and the construction quality!"

Cassandra asserted. She was confident enough that she could make or break the mission, but it was the quickest way to get the rescue team to the trapped security personnel at the quickest time possible.

"No. I can't risk that. I'll call the rescuers instead and just so you can explain the building layout to them. I cannot authorize you to go in there,"

Dylon sent a doctor nearby to call some of the rescuers. Two of the rescuers quickly ran towards Cassandra and Dylon.

"You don't understand. It's a complex building that is difficult to maneuver and explain. Just let me go inside! The situation may be more complex because of the tremendous shock. They wouldn't know it. Like I said, the longer we stay out here arguing about this, the more dangerous it'll become, Dylon!"

Cassandra was slowly getting angrier as Dylon kept turning her down. He looked at her once, and back at the building. When he was being hesitant, he and Cassandra heard a man's voice.

"I will go with her!"

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