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   Chapter 174 What Are You Up To Here

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Cassandra and Maggie left the company and drove to the A City together.

While inside the car, Maggie kept on trying to call her uncle. In spite of several tries, she kept on getting the busy signal. This left her frustrated and irritated. Cassandra noticed the worry on Maggie's face.

"Don't look so troubled. The cell is not turned off at least, be glad. This could be due to the poor signal. It is normal since A city has been severely affected by the earthquake. They must still be working on restoring signals,"

Cassandra tried to soothe her.

"Thank you for coming with me, Manager Qin!"

Gratitude was evident in Maggie's eyes. She had no idea what would have happened if Cassandra hadn't been kind to her. This wonderful woman granted her the permission to leave work midway and then also drove her to the A City. It wasn't easy to find such a helpful and understanding boss hence Maggie was completely touched.

"If you really want to thank me then just take a good rest at the back. Then you will have enough energy to find your uncle when we get there, alright?"

Cassandra replied, smiling. She looked at Maggie's reflection in the rear-view mirror to check whether she was resting.

Listening to her words, Maggie finally leaned back in the seat. Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief and retrieved her eyes from Maggie.

The closer they reached to the A City, the more congested it became.

Cassandra noticed that the road was cluttered with several vehicles moving here and there. Some were delivering relief goods; some were rescue teams of volunteers; and some were here also in search of people like Cassandra and Maggie.

It usually took a six-hour drive to reach A City but today it took longer because of the commotion.

It was already pitch dark when Cassandra finally stopped the car. She parked the car and observed the surroundings. She noticed that it was a small township, and there was no inn here. Due to this, they decided they had to spend the night inside the car. When silence was about to fall, Maggie began to speak.

"My uncle loves me as much as a birth father would love his child. He would make it a point to bring me everything that he gets for his kid, my cousin. In fact, he never ever made me feel left out."

Speaking of her uncle, Maggie had a lump in her throat.

"Hey Maggie, don't get sentimental. Your uncle is going to be alright!"

Cassandra comforted her. At this point, Vernon flashed through her mind. She thought about the treatment she received from him. In spite of being her birth father, Vernon couldn't even give her the love that Maggie's uncle showered her with. 'Or is it because there is something wrong with me?' Cassandra couldn't help thinking.

Her thoughts went back to the summer vacation when she was in the second year of junior school. She remembered the day so vividly like it was yesterday.

Cassandra was fully prepared for that day for it was Vernon's Birthday. Etched in her mind was an idea to make a birthday cake, thanks to her culinary class in school. She had bought all the ingredients in advance, hoping to surprise her father.

As all the family members were taking a nap at noon, she tiptoed into the kitchen and began to fly about in order to work on her surprise cake.

Cream, flour, milk... Cassandra followed the

e enter the kitchen until she studied abroad. Slowly, she tried to forget it and began to cook food items that interested her.

Yet she never cooked anything for her parents anymore. She lost the desire to please them.

Even after several attempts, sleep wouldn't come to Cassandra. Thinking about the past had left her feeling suffocated. She badly needed to get off the car in order to breathe.

As the town was the only way to go to the A City, she noticed that there were lots of cars parked by the road. People sat in groups and had a chitchat while they smoked.

All of them looked uneasy. They were all heading for the A City, but they were skeptical whether they could squeeze their way there.

After all, the government rescue team had to pass smoothly hence they heard news that the road had been blocked for private vehicles. They might be sent back and their effort might end up being futile.

Leaning against her car, Cassandra gazed at the starry sky meditatively.

She prayed that everything would go well tomorrow. She sincerely hoped Maggie would be united with her uncle. Therefore, Maggie's filial piety and her thousands of miles' drive wouldn't be an utter waste.

After two hours of rest, they resumed the journey. Soon Cassandra realized the highroad to the A City was indeed blocked. It was under the traffic police's scrutiny and no private vehicle was getting the permission to pass.

"Please, my friend's uncle has been out of touch. Let us pass through, please, we are really anxious,"

Cassandra pleaded, but the police seemed indifferent to her pleas.

"It is not that we thwart you from passing by, but there is an alarm of landslide on the highway ahead. It is at the foot of the mountains. It's too dangerous and we can't let you go. We are here for your safety, please try to understand,"

The policeman explained helplessly. Maggie was so anxious that she was close to tears.

"Cassandra, what are you doing here?" someone called her.

Cassandra turned around and found Dylon getting off the bus, with a look of surprise.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the G City? What are you doing here? Go back immediately. At the moment, it is quite dangerous over here!"

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