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   Chapter 172 Horace Being Hospitalized

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Rufus fixed his eyes on the figures behind the curtain. He couldn't make anything out from the vague shadows beneath the cloth.

He could do nothing but guess what they could be doing. As a man who wanted complete control over things, he hated not knowing what was happening inside the room.

As he was restlessly trying to peek past the curtain, his cellphone rang. Victor's name popped up on the screen. "What is it?" Rufus asked.

"Mr. Luo, Mr. Tang was just sent to the hospital. He had an asthma attack," Victor said anxiously.

There was static and noise over Victor's end, and Rufus could hear Jill's worried voice in the background.

"Shit. Okay. I'll be there in a bit. Have someone here to watch over Cassandra. I'll text you the location," Rufus said in an upset voice. It had been an awful day.

Rufus threw his cigarette on the ground and extinguished it with his foot fiercely. He glanced back at the window again, but the light had already beem turned off.

His eyes darkened just as his jaw started to clench. Rufus gripped his phone and quickly texted Victor the location before shoving it back into his pocket. Then he rushed towards the hospital.

Once he reached the hospital, most of the Tang family members were seen waiting outside the emergency room.

Jill was sitting by the bench, trying her hardest to wipe her tears away. Ivy was doting on her, patting her on the back to calm her down. Lionel was pacing the hallway, struggling to keep himself steady.

Rufus approached the family and walked up to Lionel. When their eyes met, Lionel stopped pacing and kept himself still.

"What happened? How is father?"

Rufus's face now looked solemnly grim, which, Lionel falsely thought, was due to his worry for Horace.

"Mother and father were fighting, and that was what triggered the attack," Lionel answered quickly.

While he spoke, his peripheral vision glanced at Jill, who couldn't stop her tears from streaming down.

Rufus held a cold expression and looked towards the direction. Jill seemed to notice the gaze, so she raised her head and met Rufus's eyes.

She hated how he looked at her. She stood up quickly, eyes all red and puffy.

"What are you giving me that look for? Don't think that you're not to blame for this! We wouldn't even be fighting if it weren't for you! It was all your fault! Your father is now in an emergency condition because of you!" the woman yelled hysterically.

Jill heaved, suddenly realizing how exhausted she was from crying and worrying. She gasped for air to catch her breath before plopping back down on the bench. She couldn't help but let the tears fall once again. Ivy, worried that the situation would worsen, immediately stood in front of her and let Jill cry without Rufus's antagonizing gaze.

Rufus sneered angrily, 'This is so ridiculous! Horace is an idiot for choosing her over my mom. She's rude and bland.'

The emergency room suddenly opened. Horace was lying on the emergency bed as the nurses pushed him out through the door. Once Jill saw Horace, she quickly threw herself over to the bed and wailed, "Horace! Please don't do that again! How can Lionel and I live without you? No one would ever be able to protect us! Tang Group will be taken away quickly without you! We're just as good as dead without you!"

Lionel tried to interrupt his mother to tell her to stop. She was making a scene and everyone could hear her.

"Mom, please. People are watching."

Jill suddenly realized how inappropriate she was and quickly raised herself up to stand beside the

he spat at Jill, "I have given you the power to manage Tang family. How many servants have you fired within the few years with such a privilege? You think firing a hundred employees is ethical? Don't you think that's a little too much? You are scornful, Jill. None of the employees could say anything good about you when I went to talk to them. Don't you think you should reflect on your actions? Since the day I allowed you into this family, you have ruined our connections to the family's relatives and peers. Have you ever heard me complain?"

Horace turned, face contorted irritably as he coughed to gather his breath.

Jill scoffed, "Wow. I'm actually surprised that you're mad at me now. It all makes sense! You couldn't have gotten mad at me before because you needed money from my family. My money's the only thing that's important to you, isn't it? But now that the Xie family is not as well-off as it was, you begin to pick on me. You have started to confront and defy me. If you really don't like me, then you should have just married Hellen! Divorce me and marry her instead! Then you can kick me and Lionel out of the family and live your happy life with Hellen and Rufus. I can promise you, that everything in this family will go according to your wish!"

Jill turned even more agitated and was speaking outrageously. She even mentioned Hellen Luo, Rufus's mother, whose name had remained forgotten for years.

"Hellen has passed away. How dare you... You are insufferable! How dare you even mention her! If she were here, she would definitely be much better than you ever will be!"

His chest was heaving as he angrily pointed at Jill. He grabbed his chest with his other hand as he started to cough harder.

"It's a shame then that the bitch is dead. I just wish that her son had died along with her. After leaving for so long, he just comes back one day to Tang Family? You're blind, Horace! That damn child is after something! I have devoted myself to Tang family for years, but now my worth is not even as much as a dead person. I might as well be dead, too!"

As she threw her temper, Jill pretended that she was going to bang her head against the wall. Ivy, who had kept quiet throughout their quarrel, hurried to pull Jill back and console her.

However, before he could do anything about it, Horace collapsed to the ground with a hand over his chest.

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