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   Chapter 171 Going Home With A Man

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For Cassandra, Rufus's accusation of her was akin to standing naked in the middle of a freezing winter.

Dylon opened his mouth to explain but Cassandra chimed in right away. She had a huge smile on her face as she reached out and took his arm.

"Well, didn't you disappear after taking a call from some woman? Isn't that the same?"

Cassandra questioned Rufus and looked straight into his eyes boldly. It seemed like she was trying to provoke him but deep inside, she felt nothing but sadness.

Was he implying she couldn't wait to throw herself into another man's arms? Did Rufus see her as a slut?

All of the sweet words Rufus had once whispered in her ear meant nothing to her now.

Dylon was frozen because so many things had happened in the last few days from people assuming he was Lyndsy's boyfriend to being used by Cassandra as a shield.

Rufus narrowed his eyes and looked back into Cassandra's eyes. She was glaring at him.

Cassandra felt her legs weaken but she didn't give in—she managed to power through as she stared Rufus down.

In her heart, Cassandra tried to make herself feel better by cheering herself on, 'No one can defeat you, Cassandra! Don't give in now!'

She felt a lump in her throat. How she wished she could cry it all out but she held her tears back. She raised her chin and glared at Rufus.

"It's not what you think,"

Rufus said and looked at Cassandra, knowing very well she was just being stubborn and defiant. He didn't have much patience left.

While it was true that Amanda had called him, Rufus had refused Amanda and he only left to see Charlie. He simply chose not to tell Cassandra for fear that she might get upset.

He preferred Cassandra to know nothing. As long as she stayed beside him, she would be happy and satisfied, wouldn't she?

"So what's it like? I believe what I see; and what I saw was you went out after you answered the phone,"

Cassandra grimaced. Actions spoke louder than words, right?

"What about what I just saw now? Is there any truth to that?"

Rufus found Cassandra's smile unpleasant. His heart prickled as if a dagger was stabbing it.

"Yes, Rufus, what you just saw is the truth. Since you're lying to me, I don't see any reason why we should still be talking. Now if you'll excuse us, there's something I need to discuss with Dylon."

Then Cassandra took Dylon's arm, looped hers around it and walked past Rufus.

Everyone was bewildered. Lyndsy was so surprised that she almost dropped her sunglasses.

How could Cassandra humiliate Rufus in public like that!

Rufus clenched his fists. The veins on his temples bulged. Jasper was filled with apprehension how Rufus would respond, so he led Rufus out of the club to avoid more conflicts.

"Let's go, Rufus. We should go now!"


d Cassandra rode with Dylon. The two cars left the club.

However, a Range Rover was trailing them behind.

Rufus had been waiting outside for a long time. The night was cool which helped to cool both his body and his mind.

His heart ached when he thought of the hurt look on Cassandra's face.

He knew he went too far by embarrassing her like that. He accused her of something he knew to be false. He understood completely why Cassandra would act that way.

Therefore, Rufus decided to open up and tell Cassandra about everything when they got home. He would tell her that Amanda was his first love but it was all in the past now and she didn't need to worry about her.

He knew he could convince Cassandra by using reason and not force.

Rufus heaved a sigh of relief when he saw their cars separate at the crossroad. Dylon's car was driving in the direction of Garden Villa.

Would Cassandra be pleasantly surprised when she saw he was back?

Would she believe him if he was honest to her about everything?

However, Rufus's smile disappeared when he saw the car turning at a corner. 'This isn't the way to Garden Villa. Where are they going?'

Dylon's car pulled over in front of an apartment building. Both Cassandra and Dylon got off the car and went inside the building.

Rufus and Jasper had seen Cassandra here before. She was only cleaning herself up then because Cloris slopped her pigment all over her and stained her clothes. But tonight, she had no reason to be here.

Rufus lit a cigarette. He raised his head and looked at the floor where Dylon's apartment was on. The light was turned on and Rufus could see the shadows moving behind the curtains.

There was a cold look on his face; and he didn't even noticed when his cigarette burned out.

'Cassandra, how could you stay in another man's apartment at this ungodly hour?'

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