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   Chapter 170 Throw Yourself In Another Man's Arms

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 11989

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Cassandra didn't respond. She was a bit hesitant as she held the phone by her ear. As soon as she recalled Dylon claiming that she was his girlfriend in front of the media, Cassandra couldn't help but feel iffy. She didn't know how to face him anymore.

"Cassandra, are you mad at me?"

Dylon asked in a careful tone. He was a smart man and he could sense Cassandra's hesitance. When Cassandra didn't respond to him, he started to worry that she might be mad at him for what he did the other day.

"Uh, no. Uh, I'm just in the middle of something..."

Cassandra didn't want to hurt Dylon's feelings. She just made up an excuse so she wouldn't have to talk to him any further.

After a few more inconsequential exchanges, Cassandra hung up the call. Her head was in such a chaotic mess right now that she didn't know what to do. Dylon was a very good friend of hers and she didn't want to hurt him at all but she really didn't know how to remain friends after what happened the other day.

It was ridiculous that Dylon would claim they were together when they clearly weren't. Meanwhile, Rufus, who was actually in a relationship with her, had lied to her about receiving a call from another woman.

That was pretty ironic.

Just as Cassandra was getting lost in her own thoughts, Lyndsy's call came in and she was straightforward as usual.

"Cassandra, Dylon told me that he thought you might be angry with him. I'm very sorry, it's all my fault. He did that for me because I needed help. How about as an apology, I treat you two to dinner tonight? It can also be Dylon's farewell dinner. Don't worry, there won't be any journalists tonight so they can't interrupt us. We can go to a private club where only VIPs can get in, okay? How does that sound?"

Lyndsy had never been one to beat around the bush especially with people who were close to her—she always went straight to the point. Since she considered Cassandra and Dylon to be her friends, she wanted to make sure everything was okay between the two. Cassandra didn't know what to feel.

She knew Lyndsy didn't want to cause any trouble and just wanted to have dinner with them. And in fact, Dylon didn't exactly do anything wrong. It was just that Cassandra had felt weird around him after what he had said the other day and it had nothing to do with Lyndsy.

"Fine, give me the address and I'll be there," Cassandra agreed with a silent sigh.

Meanwhile, Jasper and Rufus were sitting face-to-face inside a box in the high-end private club.

In front of them, a man was performing a tea ceremony on the table. The faint and fresh scent of the tea filled the whole room.

After finishing the tea ceremony, the man silently nodded to them and left the room, leaving Jasper and Rufus alone so they could discuss important things.

"The Dawn Star Group is getting better and better everyday. But I don't think that they are willing to be bought. Arthur just wouldn't agree. He's pretty competitive,"

Jasper said as he picked up his cup of tea to take a sip. The tea not only smelled great but it also tasted amazing.

"I have never considered buying the Dawn Star Group,"

Rufus answered, holding his cup in one hand and slowly spinning it as the tea inside made small waves. Something flashed in his eyes but it was too quick that Jasper didn't have enough time to figure out what it meant. Rufus's face was unreadable.

"What? You don't plan to buy the Dawn Star Group? Then why did you ask me to invest a huge amount of money in them?"

Jasper was startled so much that he almost dropped his

ppening—she remained frozen in Dylon's arms for a good few moments.

Right on cue, Rufus walked out with Jasper trailing behind him. As soon as he stepped out, he saw Cassandra in Dylon's arms.

At this moment, Cassandra and Dylon really did look like they were hugging each other, very intimately.

Dylon lowered his gaze to look at Cassandra. He had a soft look in his eyes while Cassandra looked up to him helplessly.

"Cassandra, be careful,"

Dylon warned Cassandra who was still a bit shaken from nearly falling. He had a light and soft smile on his lips which calmed Cassandra. They untangled themselves right away. Cassandra's face was a bit red as she was a bit embarrassed.

"Thank you,"

Cassandra said in a grateful tone. If it weren't for Dylon, she would surely have hurt herself because of her carelessness. But when she turned her head to look ahead, her eyes were met with a pair of eyes that she was extremely familiar with.

She had seen these eyes countless times by now. But never in a million years were they this cold and angry.

It seemed that there was a storm silently raging in those eyes. Cassandra could tell how angry, sad, and most importantly, disappointed he was with her.

"Well, what a nice coincidence,"

Jasper mumbled. He too saw the whole scene between Dylon and Cassandra and how they seemed so intimate. He could tell how angry Rufus was right now.

Last time, they saw Cassandra leave Dylon's apartment and now, here they were again, hugging. This would be too much of a coincidence now.

This was getting serious. Rufus must be furious. And Jasper was worried that Rufus might do something that he would regret later.

Cassandra suddenly felt numb as she could tell that Rufus must have misunderstood the situation based on the look on his face.

"Oh! Mr. Luo, fancy seeing you here! What a coincidence!"

Lyndsy, who saw Rufus, walked up and greeted him with a smile on her face.

But Rufus didn't say anything back to Lyndsy. He just ignored her and walked straightly past her to stand in front of Cassandra. He lowered his head and stared at her with angry eyes. His jaw tightened. Rufus was tense, as if he was trying to contain his emotions.

"Are you really that desperate to throw yourself into another man's arms the second I leave?"

Rufus's tone was icy cold and it pierced through Cassandra's heart.

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