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   Chapter 169 A Farewell Dinner For Dylon

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Walking her way to the hotel restaurant, Amanda instructed the manager to deliver Charlie's meals as soon as possible and then made her way back to the presidential suite. Right when she came to the door, she overheard her father's words as he talked to Rufus. "Didn't you and Amanda get together?"

With that, she pushed the door open without any hesitation. Amanda announced to her father with a firm voice that she had decided to be with Rufus.

Amanda's sudden proclamation surprised Rufus. Actually, he knew that Amanda still liked him after what had happened between them. But being a gentleman as he was, he was not willing to reject her straight away right in front of her father, and he knew it would break her heart.

Rufus himself had also been hurt by love once and got lost without knowing what to do after Amanda broke up with him. Still, he cherished the good memories of the past with Amanda. She was so beautiful and innocent when they were together and he wanted it to stay that way on his mind; thus he didn't want to hurt her now.

In fact, Rufus had already figured out her intentions when she suddenly changed the repertoire after the break at her concert.

Later, she announced that she would like to set up a piano school in G City. She even drafted a contract and asked Rufus to sign it. Thus, it led Rufus to conclude that the purpose of her visit to G City must have something to do with him.

Time had passed and people changed. Rufus didn't love Amanda anymore. Instead, his heart beat only for Cassandra.

Although Cassandra was not as famous and successful as Amanda, and her family was not as glorious as Amanda's, Rufus was deeply in love with Cassandra since the day he met her. She was so special and different from everyone else.

The reason why he liked Amanda before was just that she was truly a beautiful girl when they were both young. But his feelings for Cassandra was totally different. As a man, he just wanted her and be with her for the rest of his life.

If he were to choose between Cassandra and Amanda, he sure would settle with Cassandra, the one he loved and cherished the most.

"Amanda, have I ever told you that I already have a girlfriend?"

Rufus looked at Amanda and tried to state in a low voice because he was afraid of how she would react. However, it seemed that Amanda didn't care about Rufus's rejection at all.

"Girlfriend? Why does that matter? She doesn't deserve you at all!"

Amanda exclaimed with a confident expression. Obviously, she didn't think Cassandra was even at par to compete with her.

'She had a divorced and her father is now in prison. What's worse was that her company was at stake. She's nothing to me!

I am the youngest female pianist who had won numerous awards in the world so far. There are a lot of men who sought after me and I can just choose one to be my boyfriend. However, I only love Rufus and I believe that he is bound to be my man sooner or later. I will surely beat Cassandra!' Amanda thought while eyeing Rufus interestingly.

"Amanda, love is never about matching. It's about whether you can afford it or not. Its sharing one's soul to another," Rufus countered.

For Rufus, Amanda was still the proud little girl she was years ago. It seemed that she had not changed a bit, still simple yet capricious.

Rufus, on the other hand, had grown up and was now very mature. His childishness faded gradually and it was

my place to be Rufus' woman?

What a pity! You haven't recovered from your last failed marriage. I'm afraid that you're about to enter the darkest time in your life.' Amanda thought in silence.

After Rufus left, Cassandra sat in the dining room and was lost into her own thought for a long time.

'It was already late and Rufus won't be home tonight. Is he with Amanda now? Would he be holding Amanda and telling her all the sweet things he'd ever told me before?' Cassandra pondered to herself.

She suddenly shook her head as she thought of the odd questions on her mind. She tried desperately to banish all these strange ideas out from her head.

'I must trust Rufus. He met Amanda because he had something urgent to deal with her. The truth is certainly not like what I thought, and I shouldn't make wild assumptions since I don't have any evidence to prove that Amanda has any intimate relationship with Rufus.' Cassandra thought further.

But no matter how hard she tried to comfort herself, such self-suggestions did not seem to work for her. Cassandra slowly became more and more depressed.

She got up to finish cleaning around the house. Then she lay down on the bed in a daze, picked up her mobile phone and began to surf the Internet.

The hitting headlines were all about the earthquake that happened in A City. It seemed that no one cared about Lyndsy's news anymore. This was nice to know and Cassandra finally felt relieved for her. At least now the media would not pay too much attention to the news about the entertainment industry. Furthermore, Lyndsy could try to terminate her contract with the company, so as to avoid any other unexpected accidents from happening.

Pictures of the earthquake were constantly being uploaded to the Internet. The tragic scene of the disaster-stricken area was in such a mess that it made everyone seeing the pictures feel really heartbroken.

As Cassandra continued to browse, she learned that the death toll from the earthquake continued to rise; and there was a severe shortage of relief supplies.

Then all of a sudden, Dylon's came in on her phone. "Cassandra, the hospital has sent a medical team to the disaster-stricken area and I'm going with them tomorrow morning. Would you like to hold a farewell dinner for me?"

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