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   Chapter 168 You Are My Destiny

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Rufus explained to Charlie and promised that he would not date Amanda again. He knew Charlie loved his daughter very much so that he would prefer keeping her around instead of developing her own career in G City. It was too far away from home and him.

"No, I'm not stopping you from seeing her. Instead, I actually want you to help me take care of her,"

Charlie said with a wave of his hand. His words completely surprised Rufus.

Then Charlie sighed and explained when he saw how surprised Rufus was, "As you know, Rufus, I didn't allow your relationship with Amanda when you were in Dark Night Group. It was not because I disliked you. The only reason was because you were both too young at that time. Besides, I knew why you came to the Dark Night Group. You entered into the group because you hated your father and you wanted to train yourself to be a strong man to take avenge on him. I didn't want my daughter to stay with a man who had so much hatred in his heart."

There was nothing Charlie could do now about the past. What's done cannot be undone. 'It's no use lamenting about all of that now, ' he thought as he sighed out loud.

When Rufus joined the Dark Night Group, he was far more mature than his peers at the time, even though they were all the same age. It was probably because he never had a childhood. Rufus had to make it on his own and had to grow up way too fast for his liking.

He barely socialized and communicated with others. He concentrated only on intensive training in his mind and body.

Rufus was still a student at that time. Charlie was a sophisticate. He recognized that Rufus was clever, and believed that he would have a promising future. So he took care of him. He even invited Rufus home to treat him. Then unexpectedly and completely unbeknown to him, Rufus and his beloved daughter fell in love.

Charlie remembered back to the day when he asked a question to all the students before they started training.

"Why do you all want to be a part of the Dark Night Group? I would like you all to individually tell me your reasons and elaborate on the importance of this in your life."

Charlie stood with his feet slightly apart and his hands clasped behind his back. The young faces looked back at him with great respect. Then one after another, they began to report their reasons and goals.

"I want to develop the most powerful physique, muscular arms, strong fists and legs!"

"I want to become focused and evolve into one of the most talented business geniuses!"

"I want to be the wealthiest man in my country!"

Every young man was ambitious. They had the most important quality of excellence, which was their confidence.

When it came to Rufus's turn, he stated in a low voice, "I want to make someone regret his choice."

At that moment he showed no emotion at all.

The training field went silent upon his words. Everyone turned their heads and looked at this handsome, well structured young man with curious eyes.

This was a very strange statement and they all wondered what he meant by this. They exchanged looks at one another, having no idea what this young man was talking about.

'And tell me, who would that be?"

Charlie asked. He narrowed his dark piercing eyes and looked intently at this emotionless man.

"My father," replied Rufus.

He kept his chin high and his face stayed expressionless. He would never stand down out of defeat, towards his father.

All the people were shocked by his words. 'Did he mean to pledge war against his father and bring him down?' they wondered secretly. 'But why?' they were completely confused.

Charlie was also shocked by Rufus's attitude. Being an experienced coach though, he didn't show any surprise or emotion in front of these young men, who were watching intently.

Rufus impressed Charlie the most out of all the new recruits. This was the first day they met.

His goal different from others' and the determination in his eyes left Charlie deep impression.

Rufus became obsessed with practice, working harder than anyone

w can I become a loving, kind man to her when my life revolves around the destruction? Please forgive me."

He paused for a moment and then continued speaking again, "Amanda deserves better, someone without any hatred in his heart, a person who would love her deeply and defend her, give her babies and help raise them. I'm not the right one for her.

I can't predict who I'm going to be and whether I would stop my revenge plan in the future. But as for now, I'm sure I'll do whatever I can, to continue my plan. I don't want Amanda to be a part of something so destructive. I only want what's best for her."

Rufus took a deep bow, showing Charlie his respect for him as a master trainer. He didn't want to lie to him or let him down. He felt too much for him. Charlie was a good man. But Rufus must decline his request of taking care of Amanda.

Charlie couldn't understand why he could't let it go. He even offeredhis most beautiful and precious possession. He had never expected that Rufus would reject.

When Amanda told him she would establish a piano school in G City, Charlie strongly opposed. Amanda assured him over and over that Rufus would take good care of her, so he decided to pay a visit to G City to confirm Rufus's attitude.

At first, he was quite pleased when he learned about what Rufus had done in G City. He set up the TY Group and meanwhile managed the Tang Group well. Thus, Charlie reasoned that Rufus already stopped hating his father and believed that Amanda would be happy to be with this man who had love in his heart.

He thought Rufus and Amanda had already reached an agreement and he was just relaying his blessing. But this was definitely not the case as Rufus stated today. It seemed that it was Amanda's wishful thinking.

Charlie remembered that Amanda told him on the phone that she would go to G City where Rufus was. She said that she would never break up with Rufus again. That was why Charlie thought his daughter and Rufus had been dating all this time, and that was why he paid him a visit.

However, what Rufus told him now puzzled him.

So Charlie frowned at him and asked, "I thought you and Amanda are dating, aren't you?"

At this time, the door opened suddenly and Amanda walked in with a determined expression on her pretty face.

"Father, Rufus is the only man I love. I want to be with him!"

Then she walked straight to Rufus. She raised her eyes to look at the man she loved so much yet felt heartbroken for, and said with an affectionate voice, "Rufus, you are my destiny. We can be dynamic together. I will help you get over your pain. We will replace it with wonderful memories and more love than you could imagine. What do you say?"

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